Chi Making Improvements

hey one love fam,

just wanted to let you know chi is making small improvements and showing us once again how truly strong he is.

the family is very grateful for your never ending love and support. your love has carried them thru so much. ❤

one love for chi,



  1. Hello,

    My name is Jude Misura. I have been a Deftones fan for a very long time. And I learned about Chi’s accident by reading Brian “Head” Welch’s book. I am glad to see that he is strong and slowly recovering from his horrible accident. From this day on, every note that I play with my band Kharmuh, will be dedicated to Chi. May God and music be with you all.

    Jude P. Misura

  2. Awesome! How is he exactly, now? He moving any parts of his body? Hope for the best!

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