Rumor : Deftones Bassist Chi Cheng Comes Out Of Coma

chi-chengSome of you may have come across an article that is stating “Deftones Bassist Chi Cheng Comes Out Of Coma” I have emailed these guys to ask them to please correct themselves… Obviously they misunderstood. Chi is in more of a semi-conscious state.. So technically not in a “coma” (with a coma there is no wakefulness) since he started tracking with eyes and saying words. Sometimes they label it as a ‘vegetative state’ or ‘minimally conscious state’ but those in a ‘vegetative state’ do not talk or track with eyes or do things on request like Chi has. So I believe it is more of a ‘minimally conscious state’ or ‘semi-conscious state’ he is in. So basically he is  “in and out” … But fully awake awake? No.. Believe me.. You would have heard this from me RIGHT away!!!!! And my husband and I would be on our way to Cali with kids in tow!

He is still opening his eyes and tracking.. But he is super tired after this ICU/infection ordeal…

So.. Keep up the good thoughts/prayers. He should be starting the oxygen therapy hopefully Saturday or Sunday.

One love for chi,


  1. Thanks for the update Gina… Praying with you guys today (my wife and I are praying for you to… thanks so much for keeping us all so diligently updated like you do… You’re amazing!!!)


    Much Love…


  2. Aunt Mary |

    Gina, thank you so much for clarifying. This is much too important, and much too sensitive an issue to anyone who cares about Dai to allow misunderstandings to continue. Especially when information, whether correct or not, leaps across the globe at the speed of email.

    You are so diligent in preserving accuracy, and ensuring that OneLoveForChi is a reliable source for the people who care about him. I really appreciate. I’m sure we all do. I check the site often through the day, knowing that you and Jeanne maintain such close contact you are a tangible presence in the hospital room.

    We are all looking forward to the day Dai fully wakes up–there will be rejoicing ….

    One Love, Aunt Mary

  3. Hmm…stupid media.

    NO QUIT CHI!!!

  4. thanks everyone for your kind words.. and you are so welcome! i am so glad there is something i can do to help chi and his family thru this.

    love and blessings to the entire one love for chi community!!! you are ALL amazing people.


    one love for chi and marco,

  5. Good thing I set up the Blog section @ OneLoveForChi as my start site for my Internet browser. One Love!

  6. Even the news that Chi is tracking warms my heart. All the best with the Oxygen Therapy. Donated today. Im glad there is a way I can give back to Chi and the band who have given me so much for so many years. You will always be my inspiration.

    In my prayers always,

    Adelaide, Australia

  7. I had read that Chi had come out of a coma, and was immediately relieved for both his family and the band. I hadn’t realized that it was a rumor (or ‘misunderstanding’) until now. We are all praying for you, and your family Chi. I have been a die-hard Deftones fan for the better part of the last 10 years. Deftones music has has pushed me through some pretty ill times…
    GOD SPEED WITH YOUR RECOVERY, CHI. Your family and fans are pulling for you, bro…i

  8. Jessica L.A. |

    Chi is in my prayers. Just one question however, Why hasn’t the family started the Oxygen Therapy. You should start it soon. It would be most beneficial for everything, heals infections and speeds thought processes. It has worked for my family in many ways.

    • hey jess… actually the oxy therapy was going to start but then he got this infection and had to be in ICU so we had to hold off on starting it. now we are able to get back to it.. so the chamber will be tested and set up probably today and if all goes as planned chi will get his first treatment saturday or sunday.

      if you don’t mind me asking… what types of things has your family been using it for? can you tell us some of your personal experiences with it?


      one love for chi,

      • Jessica L.A. |

        Hi Gina,

        Two ways it has helped.

        One is that my sister has mild cerebral palsy but there are still many side effects throughout her life because of it. The Hyperbaric oxygen has helped with her focus in school, her muscle reflexes, has decreased her muscle cramping and overall improvement in memory and motor function responses.

        The other is that my stepfather had a staph infection about 10 years ago, due to medical negligence stemming from a outpatient simple surgery. The doctors at first had no idea where the infection was coming from and sooner than later it stared to travel through his blood, infecting his extremities. Luckily we found an amazing doctor that realized the infection was in his blood and transferred him to a hospital that had a hyperbaric chamber that was used for burn/trauma patients. It helped to release oxygen through the extremities so as not to loose them completely (he did have to be amputated) and also forced the infection away from his heart and lungs. If the doctors hadnt done that he would not be here today. Even though he has suffered such a great loss (quad amputee), he’s so grateful for being alive and is very active in his community and has become such an inspiration.

        Anyways, so now we are involved in oxygen therapy for my younger sister as well as general health and well being for myself (relieves anxiety and has helped my memory and circulation problems) and my mother (same).

        I hope this has helped.

        Peace and Love,
        Jessica (LA)

  9. chinozgirl |

    Hey there Chi-hows the best bassist in the world doing 2day?its good2know ur semi-conscious&tracking with ur eyes!funny how 1 thing is said&people totally twist it&its ToTALLY different from wat it started but that’s just part uv the gossip circle!but no need2reflect on that unrelated stuff-i jus like2keep thinking positive&this place is full uv hope&faith4u all the time!=)that’s why I like reading all these posts4u(&Marco!)such a good vibe here&I know somewhere ur catching all this positivity&love&it jus helps warm the soul4the day!have2admit it Chi when I read all this stuff people say2u it actually makes my day better too!we all know ur eventually gna come out uv this&I am so happy that ur making great progress-i was reading about that oxygen therapy-sounds like it’ll do u some good!so u jus hang in there brother&get u some much needed rest!!love ya Chi!keep up the fight!xoxox
    Blessings&Love2the Cheng family.Marco&Patricia&their family-u keep putting up the good fight also Marco!
    And uv course…Our Angel GINA!=)
    Every1 wish me a safe night@this Slipknot/KoRN concert!we all know how hectic those things can get-taking the kiddo!done these b4-jus not this Old!hahaha!love ya guys!

  10. I heard on Sirius satellite radio yesterday the rumor that Chi is awake again… sorry to hear that’s not FULLY true. I was so excited when I heard it on my way home from work that I popped in Around the Fur, turned down the trebble and mids in my car and just listened to Chi beat up my subs!

    ONE LOVE CHI! Get well soon buddy!

    Huntington Beach, CA

    • Hi Tommy,

      Can you tell me what channel you heard this on? Also what DJ said it?

      Thank you.. I need to get a press release out today.

      One Love For Chi,

      • jessica mellon |

        i heard yesterday on octane, and xmlm, liquid metal, im sorry i cant remember the dj’s name, it was in the afternoon hope that helps…

  11. Glad to hear that there has been progress. Brain injuries take so long. Stay strong. You know Chi is. Looking forward to more good news.

  12. been a Deftones fan since buyin Adrenaline in 5th grade, just wanted to show some love for Chi, tough it out bro. HEADUP

  13. HEAD UP CHI! I started playing bass because of you. I’ve been playing for 8 years now. GET WELL!!

  14. Mike Trainor |

    We love you Chi

  15. I am thankful that Chi is no longer in coma state and on the mend. God bless you Chi and come back to us soon!


  16. again… thank you all for your support.. chi is going to make it thru this.. i have soo much faith.. and absolutely NO doubt!

    thank you all again so much!

    one love for chi and marco!!! (patricia update plz??)

  17. Much love to your family from mine.. Never lose faith!

  18. Joao Renato |

    HEAD UP Chi!
    Be strong! You’re going to get out of this! We here in Brazil are sending our best thoughts!
    Get well soon!

  19. Much love Chi. Be strong. We’re still praying. :)

  20. well its not the stellar recovery i had read of but thats ok its the first step in a long road and if there is anyone with the heart and strength to pull through this its you chi!!!
    Hang Tough Brother

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  21. justwanted to give the cheng family a quick moment of respect. chi and the deftones have brought so much joy to me over the years. lots of love to u all. frankie T.

  22. Adrian W. |

    Come on Chi. We still need you

  23. I hope everything turns out well for Chi!
    We, bass players, need more inspiration from him!!

    Wake up Chi!
    Be Strong!You can do it!

    For the family n’ friends:
    Keep patience and be strong.
    Your love and care for Chi will bring him back and heal him.Nothing more.

  24. i found out by an anouncment that david draiman of disturbed made at arco in sac. man…. wake up. some one take a bass guitar and an amp and pick a drop d note at volume 100 to give him a jump start. we love you chi god speed for a fast return to the stage

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