Hefe/Compilation CD For Chi Cheng

hi all,

just wanted to let you all know that hefe has organized a compilation cd of bands in romania and europe. all proceeds going to oneloveforchi.com. to purchase a CD for $5 please email hefe at: djhefe@yahoo.com. he will give you the details on how to place your order.

CD Cover:

one love for chi

here is the line up:



1. POINT BLANK-feathers     ( Macedonia )

2. AMBERSKIN-streets         ( Romania )

3. SUBSCRIBE-kiss and kill your boyfriend   ( Hungary )

4. COMA-Coboarama n Rai-              (Romania)

5. GODMODE-survivor guilt         ( Romania )

6. LAST HOPE- under the flag-            ( Bulgaria )

7. IMPLANT PENTRU REFUZ  -messages to gods-  ( Romania )

8. SMUT- all these years        ( Macedonia )

9. H8 -arena         (Romania)

10. DEKADENS-neonlight     (Romania)

11. OBOJENI  PROGRAM -kad se neko necem dobrom nada – (Serbia)

12.LUNA AMARA-no return            (Romania)

13.THE MUSHROOM STORY-smash the radio- ( Romania )

14.FINGERING  JOANNA-don t get enough    (Romania)

15.TEP ZEPI-strange nance  (Romania)

16.CHESTER- crashlandings      (Romania)

17.PISTOL CU CAPSE- fara sa stiu     (Romania)

18.POINT BLANK-bizzaro       ( Macedonia )

Dear Chi..with everything that we have done for you here with this cd we want to give you back a small part of what you ve done for us throughout the years.. this is our small”thank you” We  learn that with faith,hope and love we can survive no matter what..thank you for offering us a lesson of strenght and faith.You’ve got the support of thousands of fans, and a very strong CHI army.We love you Chi, Get well brother. Stay strong & You re not alone

one love for chi,


  1. We pray you get well soon brother! We miss you!

  2. Hefe, This is very huge…SO AWESOME….Fieldy’s c.d. deal bumped up the money alot in a couple weeks..Now yours will really, get it going again….You are a true kind soul, Hefe……God bless you and all the bands…..MAKE IT HAPPEN……GOD BLESS……..BE SAFE, SMOKEY

  3. Hefe – You are amazing. Chi is so lucky to have you in his corner!

  4. Killer cover!!! Love it!

  5. jahwarrior064 |

    God Bless You, Hefe!

    Peace and Blessings to you from your One Love brother in New Jersey!

    One Love For Chi!

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