Love you! Love you! Love you all so much!

Dear Family,
Love you! Love you! Love you all so much! Thank you for staying for the long haul!
There really wasn't much to report in the last blog other than about the absolutely awesome EXIT concert on August 14. There were so many wonderful people there, some of which I knew from facebook or OneLove. One of the women that really touched my heart was Roxanne. I got her phone # and we planned to have her come up for a visit. She came and has been such a joy to all of us. She is a strong woman of faith with a heart to serve. I think that she is in for the long haul too.
Chi has been comfortable with her and responds to her voice. She talks to him on and off all day encouraging him and telling him that he is going to recover.
A week ago Chi had a Baclofen Pump implanted to relax his legs and feet more, as they were always tense. Then he pretty much slept for a week, hardly opening his eyes and losing the muscle in his chest, arms and legs from not moving a muscle. Yesterday Mae called the Doc to ask about reducing the dose because he was so unresponsive.
Then in the afternoon, he opened his eyes wide and seemed to "wake up". Roxie kept telling him to lift up, try to sit up. He started lifting his arms and shoulders and head off the pillow. I was at the computer with my back to them and she called my name. He continued to try with everything that he had to lift up off of the bed. I grabbed the video cam to catch part of it. I started counting at about #6 and he lifted himself at least 25 times. It was not very far off of the pillow, but he was concentrating so hard and will continue to improve we are sure.
Again last night, she asked him to try lifting himself up. She started counting 1, 2, 3, and trying to have him pull up on the count of three. Sometimes he made it, sometimes not. But he was trying so hard and lifted about 35 times.
Gina has worked so hard for this man for so long. If she has any little shortcoming it is a lack of patience. Waiting for things to happen is not agreeable to her. She wants him to have the best and she wants it NOW!
I have come to feel like when God wants him up, God will make it happen. Of course, good care helps and getting him professional rehabilitation with the right equipment would make it much easier. I texted Gina last night before we spoke to ask how much exactly it would take to get Chi to NJ or NY and how close we were to that goal. This is Gina's department and she takes care of it. We are about a third of the way to the $100,000. to get him there.
Then we talked. When she heard what he was doing, she choked and started crying like a little girl and babbling over and over "Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you for hearing me! Thank you for answering my prayers!" Sobs and Gratitude for a long time. I imagined Him smiling at her saying "You never doubted. Why are you surprised?"
When Gina collected herself she could hear Roxie coaxing Chi. I put Gina on speaker so she could talk to Chi. He always responds to her voice too. She talked to him again about "baby steps" and recovery.
I hope that you will check in often because I think that there will be much more to blog about from now on.
He is I think we can safely say now "waking up" and "actively participating" in his therapy and recovery. Now the real work starts.:) I know you will keep the prayers coming! Respect and love!
- Jeanne
Drawing by Xed Yos


  1. i'm such a big baby! ha
    all tears of joy!

    one love for chi,

  2. Praise God! This is very exciting

  3. :D I was dying to have more news about Chi, it was about time! Stay strong Chi!.
    One ♥ for Chi

  4. i cried, too.

  5. mike whiting |

    I would just like to say simply that I am more then glad that Chi is recovering. I love the Deftones and I consider anyone who doubts me when I bring up Chi’s story to have faith.
    Never has the saying ‘Never Give Up’ been more important.

    All love and respect from Wales in the UK,

  6. we will be meeting with Cooks Corner next Tuesday to set up for a OneloveforChi benefit ride.
    let all your motorcycle freaks here in SoCal. know what’s up!!! we will keep everyone posted as to when this will be going down. stay tuned.
    we are praying that Jesus Christ will raise you up Chi. Hang in there dawg!!!

  7. This is such great news! I am so happy to hear he is doing better. Lots of love!

  8. Love hearing that Chi is being so repsonsive. It breaks my heart to think about all he and his loved ones have gone through. I met him once about 14 years ago, and when I would tell the story I ALWAYS raved about how genuinely nice Chi was to me. It kind of blew me away, and I’ll never forget it. Much love to you Jeanne, Gina, Chi and all of you who love and care for him. Wake up Chi!

  9. Mary Novotny |

    Jeanne, I’m so happy to hear this. Sooooooo happy.
    Thank you, Gina and OneLove family. Hang in there, Dai. We’re all waiting for you.
    Aunt Mary

  10. C.Wildrick |

    PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!

  11. Good to hear. Good luck Chi!

  12. Simply Amazing ! It was hard to read the last part of Jeanne’s letter to us because of tears in my eyes.
    Chi you will be fine with the 24/7 hard work of these women of Christ helping with your recovery.
    PS. The drawing “wake up Chi” is great !
    OneLove Man, SandyMartinWhosoever

  13. JohnInSacto |

    It sounds like our miracle is starting to come to fruition. I am thrilled that Chi is showing signs of awakening and truly humbled by all of the prayers and good will that the One Love community has generated. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in Chi’s story will be. Like a previous blog stated, when Chi wakes up he is going to have one heck of a story to tell. I can’t wait for what is in store for our brother in the future. Much love to Gina, Momma J, Mae, the Cheng family, Roxie, and all of the One Love angels who have shown so much love since Chi’s accident occurred.
    - John

  14. Alejandro Orellana |

    Guatemala pray for Chi… Arriba Chi

  15. This is awesome news! Really hope things will get better and better every day!
    Sending lots of love, support and prayers your way from the Netherlands.
    It’s so difficult to keep on having faith and to keep going forward but it’s baby steps like these that make it all worth it and give you strength to keep on doing those things.

  16. love you chi
    INCREDIBLE NEWS…but i m not surpsied at all.. we all know that chi will be back …
    dear chi you re not alone we are here for you
    ..we are praying hard…love you momma j love you gina….
    …so close ..and chi will be posting here with us…

  17. This is so wonderful – such great news! Head up Chi, you can do this! I feel like you can hear all of us cheering you on! Come back, we miss you:)

  18. ALL THE BEST! my thoughts are with you chi! recover and come rock out! your highly loved and missed!

  19. Praise be to Jesus and His healing power! God bless you Chi’s family and will lift Chi and all of you in prayer!

  20. incredible news
    love you chi
    love you gina love you momma j
    we re here praying hard for our hero
    you re not alone we re waiting for you ..

  21. Erin and Jeff |

    We’re so happy to hear that he’s so much more responsive! The recovery continues :)
    Looking forward to the Chi benefit at Cook’s Corner.

  22. Good signs! I am praying for you Chi!

  23. This is incredible news !! The fact that he’s responding and actively participating in a recovery means that it’s now a question of when and not if. That is amazing! Never doubt the power and the strength of the human mind to overcome any obstacle. I myself was in a near death accident and am now a fully functioning man. Hearing Chi’s story inspires me once again to believe in the power of the human spirit ;) ;) Can’t wait to see him back on stage in the future – I can see it in my minds eye.. ;)

  24. Jeanine Harismendy |

    Our God is an Awesome God! Deuternomy 10:21 He is your praise, and He is your God, who has done for you these great and awesome things which your eyes have seen. Psalm 66:5 Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men. The Lord is getting Chi Ready to LIVE to further His Kingdom! Amen ;) Keep up the Good Fight of FAITH!

  25. Hey Chi,

    you’re the one who inspired me to play bass

  26. Happy to read good news. Much love, good energies from here.

  27. I’m so happy that he’s responsive, this is amazing.
    Love, so much love for you all and lots of strength, always.

  28. Ronan Burke |

    Ronan Burke,

  29. Beautiful reading. So touching, so inspiring. Positive news – is fantastic news. With Love from London. We’re with ya big guy. Sarge x

  30. AWESOME!!!!! GOD does answer our prayers! Keep the faith…. Mikee/Las Vegas

  31. Thank god. babysteps chi, babysteps. i know you wont give up and you have a big family, blood and soul there for you. You are loved

    thank you. thank you . this is amazing.


  32. держись чувак!!!!

  33. This is very exciting! Glad to hear of this. You can do it Chi!

  34. This is the best news I’ve heard in a while!

    Get up Chi! You can do it!

  35. stephanie |

    dear jeanne, please see that gina reads this as well. i have been following chi’s story from the begininng. i am the perosn who sent the padre pio medal. anyway, i have been thru the same situation with my daughter as a result of a cardiac arrest and i am with gina, as it never happens fast enough. unfortunately i became a tbi patient as well as a result of a fall down the steps on new years eve. three spots where my brain was injured. drilled into my skull etc…i live in Pennsylania. after the initial hospitalization, i was transferred to a rehab hospital in Philadelphia. MAGEE, i am a miracle because of all the prayers and the people at MAGEE!!!!!! Please please check this place out….they do a lot of things with sporting team from PHILADELPHIA, if chi every was into sports or he of course had fans that were/are sports figures this is another way to go about if. please forgive my typing and spelling, i wasn’t supposed to live….anyway, i have a checkup at MAGEE on thursday…i will talk to them when i get there. love to you all, and i am definately here for the long haul and i really understand that… will be 8 years since sammie’s cardiac arrest…she too is improved immensly, she died as well….her brother saved her and me as well. sending prayers and love, stephanie

  36. Im so happy to hear this! Now that ive got a lap top of my own im gonna keep checking on all of you, always keeping chi in mind. : ) Praise the Lord!!

  37. Hi… i’m from Brazil and i follow this site now to know more news about Chi, and now i’m really really happy with this news informations… (sorry about my english).
    I’m cheer up to him and i believe he will back to us soon… for sure. I had complicated situations in my family too and i know, with good doctors, a lot of love and care he will recover.
    To everybody there which care him and make what is possible to him get well soon i’m emanating good energy, and i really hope.. like i hope to my bestfriends and members of my family… he will back to us… like i said i believe in that… i believe in God… i believe in him!

  38. Austin D. |

    This is awesome. a Month or two he could be awake enough to see christmas and enjoy. To bad we can’t just transistion over things like this to horrible people. God bless.

  39. Lindsey G |

    Almost a year ago, I met Chi’s mom.. I was doing traveling door to door sales job, at the time i didnt have access to the internet.I do now, and decided to check out the website, Im SOOOO happy to hear posotive things about Chi. I have had Chi in my prayers since I met her, and we had a long talk on a sunny day at the picnic table near her home. She told me to wait for a second, so i did, she came back with Two One Love for Chi shirts.. I was wearing them all the time!! Until i got pregnant and now I dont want to strech them! =) . But I have told so many people about chi and they all have him there prayers =)

  40. Tiffany Cacy |

    I saw Deftones in Phoenix, AZ last night! I didnt know that the last time they played here was their last show with Chi before the accident! It was an amazing show but it brought tears to my eyes not seeing Chi on stage. He is so greatly missed :( I had a great opportunity to hangout with him at The Big FIsh Pub 11 years ago and it was a moment that I will take with me forever! Keep focusing on getting better Chi, we all love and miss you xo you are forever in my heart and prayers <3
    Loyal fan,

  41. deftone4ever |

    I feel god will give Chi back to us very soon, can’t wait.

  42. (tears) I am beyond grateful for what has happened. Chi doesn’t give up. This is such an energy surge for the loved ones caring for Chi. I am so happy. Sending healing energies.

  43. I was  very fortunate to be at the last show Chi played in phoenix az he is an amazing bassist, it was tough to see the band come out and talk about it . I was a little choked up when Chino came out dedicated Risk to Chi. Im glad he is getting better and I hope nothing but the best for him.


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