Update from the ICU…

chi-peace_t2So the next chapter reads……

April, 26, 2009…

It’s Sunday morning and the day nurse coming on duty at 7am can’t help but notice that the patient quite definitely appears to be dying. She gasps, races for the phone and calls his mother, sister, the Doctor and the ambulance. Sister and mother arrive to find Chi gasping for air, but unable to breathe,sweating through dark red feverish skin and shaking violently. By the time the ambulance reaches the ER,the staff is prepared for him. He is immediately surrounded by seven or eight people who start breathing for him, pulling blood out of his veins, starting IV lines to pump many liters of fluid into his veins and trying to bring him back. Mae notes that his heart rate is 170 and after 14 years in her fathers cardiology office,she knows that she is watching her brother die. Mae cries. Mom prays.

Fortunately, the ER Doctor recognizes all the symptoms and starts protocol for septic shock.Everyone is trained for this worse case scenario.

Most importantly, Chi is surrounded by God’s protective angels because so many people of faith have been praying for him. Some who weren’t even so sure of their faith were praying for him just in case.

After two or three hours of lifesaving treatment, Chi is stable enough to be sent on life support to ICU. PRAISE GOD!!

April 28, 2009…

The next few days bring in bad news and good. Chi has septicemia and several serious bacterial infections. One is in his bloodstream. But he is holding his own. He has pneumonia. But he is responding to the medications.His vitals are either too high or too low. But he is strong and won’t stop fighting. So the doctors keep him sedated and continue to fill him with fluids to flush out the sepsis. And we all pray. And the prayers are so much more powerful that the infections. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

May 1, 2009…

Fast forward to Friday. Chi is taken off of the life support and is breathing well on his own. His vitals are stable and he looks relaxed and comfortable.
He is still in ICU, is still fighting some serious infections, still has pneumonia,but he is the strongest beast of a man around.
Once again, prayers are answered, hope is renewed, and we can all bow our heads and thank our faithful Father above.
Then we continue to give thanks and beg favors. Please continue to pray for this good man, for Marco, for Sam and Erin,Matt and all our family near and far. ALWAYS ONE LOVE!!

With gratitude and respect, Jeanne and Chi


  1. Wangchowder86 |

    at least he’s back off life support any good news helps right now

  2. Wow.

    Words cannot express how amazing Chi is.

    This is the battle of a lifetime and he’s definitely going to win.

    Keep up the fight Chi. You’re doing great.

    Cant wait for more good news.

  3. I’m glad you’re off of life support.
    I’m really hoping things are going good.
    you know how people say it gets worse right before it gets better?
    well then if that’s true you should be feeling great pretty soon.
    we all love you so much!
    I’ll be praying for you.

  4. .. I’m speechless.

    Chi must’ve given everyone quite a scare. But like I said, if anyone can do this it’s Chi.

    Still in my thoughts!

  5. chinozgirl |

    Hey there-jus a kind reminder that I’m still praying4u&ur family!keep kickin that’s infections butt&stay strong!praying4a quick recovery&sending all my good thoughts2ya!love ya chi!xoxox
    P.S.thank for giving us r freedom mark!
    P.S.S.when we know the results uv the contest Gina?thanx4keeping us well-informed!xoxox=)

  6. chinozgirl |

    Hey there-jus a kind reminder that I’m still praying4u&ur family!keep kickin that’s infections butt&stay strong!praying4a quick recovery&sending all my good thoughts2ya!love ya chi!xoxox
    P.S.thanks for giving us r freedom mark!
    P.S.S.when we know the results uv the contest Gina?thanx4keeping us well-informed!xoxox=)

    • hey – i am not sure when we will announce the winners… but i will talk to momma j about it tomorrow and see. i will update asap.

      one love for chi,

  7. “Some who weren’t even so sure of their faith were praying for him just in case.”

    Gina Thank you for this post, and Jeanne for these words. I have grown up an agnostic man, and it has been the greatest pleasure to say Chi has influenced my spritualaity with his musical influence. Growning up, when I found out he was a Buddhist I would then be influenced to learn of these things. Although I have yet to find a spiritual path of my own, I do find comfort in my path to it. Even more so since I have been practing the Tonglen for Chi.

    I cant help to be be overwhelmed with emotion when I say, I love everyone here, everyone reading these blogs, practicing Jeanne’s kind reminders of seatbelt safety, warm clothes for the homeless. Chi’s strength and fight is an insperational testimate to the positive love that surround your family in this time of crisis.

    I, like so many more growing everyday, am by your side Chi, Jeanne, Gina, Marco,Sam, Erin,Matt and the rest of your family near and far.
    Much love,

    • hey christopher.. thanks so much for your comment.. it was touching.

      thanks for your love and support.

      one love for chi,

  8. juan gonzalez |

    we are all praying for you brother .. the midtown queen is not the same without its mayor .. ;} love u mama j and the dynasty .. stay strong .. one hr till showtime wake the F up ..

  9. ingapaidere |

    one love

  10. keep up the fight chi.. we’re prayin’ for ya over here in pittsburgh..

  11. DeftonesLady81 |

    Very good to hear. Ive been praying extra hard for u chi!! You get much needed rest.

  12. I really want Chi to wake up and get better, i´ve never been to a deftones show, when they came to mexico, it was impossible for me to go, i really want to see Chi playing live, my prayers will continue ´till the day he wakes up.

  13. chinozgirl son |

    Hey Chi-i am Chinozgirl son Damon and I am 14 years old.tonight me and my mom were talking and I told her to keep you in her prayers and we said ‘always’at the same time.I tell her that I would love to have dreads like you once had!but I want you to know yor a great inspiration for us young guys&the Tones really need your energy back onstage!well my mom is telling me to get ready for bed.I am going to see Korn on friday&I will tell fieldy hi for ya!heard he’s changed for the better also which is good!gonna go to bed and will keep praying and praying for a quick recovery!god bless you & your mother-and all the cheng family!
    Love Damon x-)

    • hey damon… thanks so much for your message… and your prayers are so appreciated!

      thanks again so much!

      one love for chi,

  14. Deftonic King |



  16. Mike Vigil |

    All weekend, I’ve been stressing… so much effort has been put forth for this man. All of you have been inspirations and testaments to the “love” from one to another. ” No man is an island” continous prayers…

  17. Prayers are sent daily for Chi. Get well my brotha.

  18. ingapaidere |

    i have never ever believed in God or other things like that, i have always thought that all that is just some sign of weakness…BUT here i am praying god for chi, praying my dad who died after quite simular struggling, praying and thinking, loving and hoping

  19. Ohh my…..I am so happy to heard that … were difficult moments …… but the hope is renewed .. and all this will end soon

  20. chi you have so much love surrounding you, you will be protected, we love you x

  21. chinozgirl son |

    Hi Chi!hope ur doing bettr&keeping up the good fight!I see my son left u a post…he tells me how he likes 2 hear ur voice more than chino’s-haha!14yr.old’s!anyways…jus wantd2let u know ur always in my thoughts&prayers!and I meant2thank MATT4 r freedom-i was half asleep when I last posted!
    Hang in there CHI-were all pulling4ya!!with lots uv love&many a prayers!xoxox
    Blessings&hope2the Cheng family&U2 Gina!=)

  22. Hey Chinozgirl, you are so welcome! It’s not just me though, I am a very small part of it! But thank you back! Keep praying for Chi!!!
    NO QUIT!!!

  23. Raver John |

    I remember the night I met you at the Real Rock In San Leandro, you guys played, Chino got pissed and walked off stage and you stayed for the rave (PMF Party) after! Sooo much fun!1 What was the name of that tour?? something about…Capitan Kirks Got the Clap tour! Ahhh,  those were the days! And you have no clue who I am! But I remember how fuckin cool you were to hang with! Much Love! Music is Life!

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