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hey all,

One Love For Chi!

sorry i have been so busy with getting ready for our trip to go visit chi and this next benefit that i totally forgot to tell you something pretty exciting.. at least i don’t think i mentioned it yet.. but chi said “mom!” the other day!  i don’t think he has really said any words since they put his skull flap back. 

also… momma j told me today that he has been alot more vocal again. so this is all great news/progress :) !

a friend of mine posted this on her facebook page today and i wanted to share it with the one love fam!

Faith is exactly what it takes to get through uncertainty. Faith is not necessary when you know how things are going to work out, – that’s knowledge. It’s in the time of unknowing that having faith is what sees you through to the other side. Faith is what gives… you strength. Faith is that light in your heart that keeps on shining even when it’s all darkness outside. Now is the time to keep that faith alive!

not once since chi’s accident have i not had faith he would recover from this.

so.. by all means… keep the faith!

one love for chi,


  1. Aunt Renee |

    Gina, your faith and everyone in the one love family has kept my faith and my families faith going. I just found out that I get to go up north soon for a visit. I have not been up since September and it has been making me very sad. I am so happy that I will get to visit with my family soon and so excited that I get to see you and the rest of the extended family at the benefit next week! Thank you for never giving up. Much Love!! Aunt Renee

    • love you too aunt renee. i can’t wait!

      one love for chi,

      • Oh bless your family!!!
        This is great news! He will speak many words. Let Jesus make it so!
        God bless Chi family. Give him a kiss on the forehead for me.ok? Ty gina

  2. “…not once since chi’s accident have i not had faith he would recover from this.”

    Upon first hearing news of the accident my first reaction was, “Well, okay. So when will he be all better?” A little over a year later and I still feel the same exact way 150%.

    Sometimes people’s journeys can be confusing and frustrating for everyone else to understand or accept but one thing I’ve learned in my life is simply to trust, to have faith and to never let go of that faith. Ultimately what is meant to be will be and I know that I can speak for all of us in our hearts that we know that Chi is meant to live through this journey and come out on the other side.

    <3 Becca

  3. I was having a pretty lame day, but after reading this I feel tons better. Keep trying Chi!!!


    .I COULDN’T WALK FOR AWHILE IN 09.When that power started to move me —IT MOVED ME RIGHT OFF THAT BED .For him it might take longer but WHEN it happens A WALL CANNOT STOP HIM ,IT’LL MOVE!!!WE WILL ALL HAVE TO GET OUT OF HIS WAY .

    • this is fantastic news and we have faith but like Gina said we had faith since day 1 ..i m sure that soon our sweet Chi will be back with us…love from Europe

  5. wow. that is some awesome news!!!
    been following chi’s recovery since the site has been put up and i think of chi alot. in fact, i told my co-worker about his story on friday and how happy i was to read that he reached for his handle to get up.

    i wish all the best to chi and his family and friends. thank you for putting so much love and effort into this.
    he will make it soon!

  6. Somehow I’ve known all along that he will come back fully. That faith has stayed with me the whole time. Like I’ve said all along… We’re here for as long as it takes. Everybody roots for you, Chi, and sends their love and support. We’re here next to you on your journey, and we’ll cheer for you on the other side of the tunnel when you come back to us. Every step forward for you is a step forward for all of us, as we feel included in your progress. One love.

  7. Judy Wallace |

    So good to read about this newest accomplishment! Thank you so much Gina for keeping the One Love family in the loop. I know we can always rely on you!

    I have faith in our boy as well but truthfully I pray for a miracle! I miss him so much!

    Blessings to you Gina for a safe trip and please tell Chi that I think of him daily and pray for his recovery.

    With love, Judy

  8. Good job Chi!

    You know this situation really makes me think about how important friends and family are…no matter how much you get angry at them, stay away from them etc. you always need them especially in time of need like this. If you close our heart then your just losing all the help and support you can get…we should all just keep our hearts open and help the people we love even if they are doing something you are totally against, help them…I was too stupid that I didnt recognize this myself.

    God bless us all.

  9. Great news Gina! One thing that I have learned is you don’t ever lose everything or truly have nothing until you lose all faith that the situation will get better. Chi will be with us again fully someday. We just need to make productive use of the time before then to let him know how much he is loved.

  10. Chris Cojeen |

    Good news!!!

    Lets pray and hope there will be more of that to come Infact I know there will!

    From all of us in the UK get well soon Chi!!!

    To his family, friends and the people who run this site, much respect for your time and effort to keep the fans informed its means alot.

  11. Awesome, tis the season for a miracle.

  12. Gina, you never fail to inspire.. I always, always have faith, and thanks for the post to others. Keep believin’. This is a magical year.



  14. It’s excellent to know he’s still improving. Best of luck to you Chi, I know you can pull through this. You’re in my prayers.

  15. love love love endless onelove for chi :)

  16. I will be praying for you, and your family everyday.

  17. PakMachlno |


  18. i have been a huge fan of deftones since adrenaline…
    it’s so sad to hear about news about accidents to people who doesn’t deserve these…but hey, it’s an accident…
    the best news on this one though is that he is on his way to recovery… i’m not a praying-man but i will pray for you chi… that’s another prayer of hope towards your full recovery…

    keith from the philippines…

  19. DentinKoRn |

    Here I’m writing from Brazil saying that since I’ve heard about Chi I’ve been praying for his recover cause I’m a huge fan of Deftones and his work with them and it’s good to know that his recovering.

    Have a nice year and I hope Chi recovers even faster!!!


  20. Update soon? It has been a minute since the last thanks! As usual i will keep the prayers coming keep it up prayer warriors!!!

    HEAD UP CHI!!!!!

  21. obiejuankenobie |

    im from Panama! i dont spaak english but i dont care! Chi yo se q tu vas a volver a ser el bajista de Deftones mis rezos estan contigo fuerza hermano q tu puedes y solo sera un mal recuerdo te tamos esperando q vuelvas a tocar junto a Deftones!
    we love bro (Panamanians Fans)

  22. he will get better I just know. this is not the way legendary heroes fall in battles.

  23. I can’t wait until he’s back wearing the bass. Can you imagine all the ridiculous riffs he’s been thinking about? I can. And they’ll be sick melodious euphoria.

  24. It’s amazing how little things like this can be such a big step in the recovery process but we take them for granted in everyday life.
    Keep getting better Chi.

  25. Has Chi spoken any more words yet.

  26. luis alonso |

    im from peru, and deftones is my favourite band sinc i was a little kid, that faith issue is so right, and its amazin how is chi evolvin, i love y guys and i will pray 4 him right now!! and always keep that faith alive!!!!!!!

    we ll walk into this road with our head up highs!!!!

  27. This post gave me chills and a few tears of joy actually ejected from me. I am really happy that Chi is recovering thanks to everyones faith and help. Special thanks to the doctors too who have made his recovery possible.
    I miss you Chi.

  28. I guess it’s like a chain reaction. The only way is up!

    Wish all the best for Chi.

    Ola from Poland

  29. I guess it’s like a chain reaction. The only way is up!

    Wish all the best for Chi,

    Ola from poland

  30. Adrian W. |

    I was devastated when I first heard the news. But not once have I imagined Deftones without Chi Stay strong Chi I know you will break free

  31. littlefoot45199 |

    That is GREAT news… I am so glad that he is coming through so good. My prayers are with the Chi, the family, and friends. WE ARE HERE CHI GET BETTER SOON>>>>

    Much Love,


  32. jojo the blackdecoy |

    me playing bass for first time in years with my old band transylvainia zoo.thanks for the inspiration to play!!!!GIFT OF HAPPINESS AND STRENGTH !!!!SOON WE(MUSICIANS) ALL WILL SHARE THE SAME STAGE—LIFE

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