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Hello dear family,

Hope your holiday was spent with those you love and was happy. Ours was quiet. Mae, Chris and the kids went to Chris’s family’s for dinner Chi and I were here listening to some tunes and catching up on a few things.

Now the Christmas Season is here and the insanity that is shopping. Mae tried to get to the store with Chris last night, took one look at the crowds and said “I’m gonna walk home.” They had gone in to get a really good sale on a TV for the new house and when they fought their way back to that section of the store, it was closed. The TV’s were there and the sale was on but they wouldn’t let anyone in that part of the store. (Yes Sal, it WAS Walmart).

So, we have gotten into a routine in the house we are renting. Chi is getting much better care at home and has wonderful assistants (full time for now) as Mae gave birth to a baby boy last month. She still does hours of hands on helping the helpers, as does Chris, but we have someone come nights for now so everyone else gets sleep at night.

We had hoped to be able to move Chi into the house that all the kids grew up in. He would have been in the main house with Mae and her family and I would have been in the guest house in back. The yard is so great there with bamboo all ofer and oak and fruit trees and bird songs. Sadly Chi’s Dad passed away at the end of April and things got really complicated legally. I thought it best to just rent a place for he and I when he got back from New Jersey and we ended up having to sell the family home.

Now it is sold, Mae and all moved in here and we looked for a house big enough for all of us to live in with more room. We did buy one at a very good price and are having it painted and re-carpeted now. It is not far away and is in a better location. So…one more move and we should be able to settle in. We are so happy at the thought of not moving again!

In the new house we will finally put some bookcases up for Chi’s books around him with a few of his own things on the wall. I can’t wait! We will even get a dining room table!

So about Chi. He was home for a day when he got back from New Jersey and had to go to the emergency room. He spent (6?weeks) in icu, ccu, icu getting one infection after another. I didn’t think that we would see him get back home. It was scary! I think that is when Gina put out the prayer request 1. for the prayer and 2.ya’ll deserved to know it was critical.

When he finally got one blood test that was clear of infection they sent him home. I took pictures of the medic van coming up the road and the 2 gals bringing him in.

They wheeled him in the house with their portable oxygen still on him and when we put the finger monitor on him he was hardly getting any oxygen at all to his arms legs etc.

The girls said that they couldn’t leave him and went outside to call a fully equipped ambulance. Mae and I decided NO more hospitals and went crazy on poor Chi. I was trying to shake and lift him and he wouldn’t wake or move. Mae grabbed a towel and held it tight over his mouth so that he would have to breathe through his nose (where the oxygen was going in). After a bit his eyes opened wide and he looked at Mae like “REALLY!! You’re gonna snuff me??” She told him to breathe through his nose and he did. His oxygen when the girls came back in the house was a nice (98? or 99?). Something high and he was wide awake. They were baffled but cancelled the ambulance and put him in his bed.It is hard and hard for him but we have decided to deal with things at home. Hospitals are too germy!The last time the Dr recommended taking him in and we told him no, he came out the next day and said that it was the right decision.

Again now he is starting into pneumonia in both lungs but we caught it early and he is on day 2 of antibiotics. His Dr and the nurse that come to the house are wonderful and Mae doesn’t miss a thing. She checks him constantly and I never sleep well at night so I peek in on him at night too. All and all, he seems intent on staying around awhile longer. Since you all have been such a huge part of making that possible, we have so much gratitude for your support and prayers! I know this has been said before but again, I feel like you are all our family! Some families don’t get this sort of kindness from their blood relatives. The love and compassion that you give Chi and us makes our world like such a better place.

I will post or Gina will post (because she will call every day to check on how he is when he is sick) to let you know when he is well again.

I am going to try to send Gina some pictures to post also as we have another addition to Chi’s team. This cat appeared and has adopted me and Dai. She is what Sal calls a “power animal” because of her protective behavior.

We wish you all safe and happy holidays and send our respect, gratitude and love.

Chi and me

p.s. from gina: i talked to chi on the phone the other day. i gave him alot of encouragement and told him about how much we all love and care about him. mae (chi’s sister) said he opened his eyes when he heard my voice and started moving his arms and legs. much love to chi and my chengs. – gina <3


  1. God bless you all….love and prayers to you chi my brother…i.l.u..janettexxx(california)

  2. You are the strongest family in the world! Thank you for staying true, thank you for so much love, thank you for Chi! One Love!!!

  3. Thank you again for the update, I so glad that he is at home with you guys!!

  4. Michele T. Valykeo |

    Wal-Mart – you are brave.

    I absolutely had to get a can of coffee at a Wal-Mart on black Friday….blink, blink. Anyway….I like that kitty cat that adopted you. How sweet.

    You say, one more move though and no more moves? Just one, well, good. May that be a place for greatness to happen.

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving I am grateful that Chi made it through that very bad time that you reveal was critical. I remember that. I am grateful that he is able to be at home with family after all that. Truly. If Mae would not have thought to get him to breathe through his nose things might be very different. Love to Mae.

    I pray every day be an improvement for you Chi, small ones, big ones and in between ones…any kind of improvement that makes you content and or happy. I also pray that whatever the root of the cause for you having to take antibiotics eases up on you so you can truly heal from that and not go through that. I had a condition with my lungs in the past that is undetectable currently per doctor, it was supposed to be lifelong. You are built to get passed all that which people say one can not get passed anyway – it’s your way of being to triumph over these things. You’ll get stronger and stronger. You’ll heal more and more.

    You are highly loved Chi Ling Dai Cheng – I pray that you feel that.

    Love and goodness to you all. Love to your kitty cat. Congratulations on Mae’s little baby.


  5. John In Sacto |

    Love you guys and hope you have a happy holidays! Still sending positive energy and love to Chi 4+ years after his accident. Hoping for a miracle in the new year! xoxo <3

  6. Stay strong, guys!
    You’re all fighters and your struggle inspires me.. I hope Chi comes out of this soon and gets healthy and kick ass again!!
    Much love from a Brazilian supporter,

  7. Sending love and healing energy to Chi and strength and love to you amazing people caring for him, much love from Australia

  8. Love you Chi always thinking of you buddy big kisses and warm loving hugs….*MUAH*

  9. Fan from Ireland checking in here. Chi is often in my thoughts and I come back here regularly to check his progress. Just wanted to say he is never forgotten about by loving fans all over the world and like myself, we all hope he continues to recover. My condolences to the family for the loss of Chi’s father – I was very sorry to read about that. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have made things during a situation where you are all trying your very best to stay positive. Thoughts and prayers to Chi and family. Stay strong.

  10. Valerie Medlin |

    I had the lovely opportunity to finally meet a band that helped shape a huge part of my life and I must say the experience was bittersweet. I grew up listening to the Deftones and now that I’m almost in my thirties I feel connected to them in a way I’ll never be able to explain. So, when I walked in the room and saw that Chi wasn’t there (even though I know he wouldn’t be) it really broke my heart. It warms my heart to know that he has such a loving supporting family and an ever growing fan base who will always be there for him. I’m so happy you started this site. And even though I’m not the least bit religious I pray for him, as often as I can, everyday <333

  11. Michele T. Valykeo |

    Prayers this morning before the days business are that your
    pneumonia heals and does not return to you. Only healthy lungs.

    I’ll listen to Bob Marley while I do today’s silent work at my job – other than whatever is on my Ipod that breaks the silence. Bob Marley’s music; That’s like a prayer in itself.

    ‘Don’t worry bout a thing…’

    Much love to you Chi and your whole family
    as well as all the good people praying and
    well wishing in the one love family.

  12. Joe Aguilar |

    I am so thankful for the time in effort you put in writing these things. I was able to meet Chi in San Antonio, he was so down to earth, he even gave me a beer. I often visit the site how to get follow ups on how my friend is doing as well as the family who fight endlessly for his well being. Recently in Las Vegas I met the band members on the support we on the support we have for Chi. Thank you -Joey

  13. Joe Aguilar |

    During the show here in Las Vegas, Deftones played a song for Chi. Everyone cheered! I do have to say a DVD which called “Music in high places”(deftones) filmed in Hawaii is the best way to see personality and hear good music. “Chi, we pray for you and your family.”

  14. Michele T. Valykeo |

    Extra prayer post for a good day had.

    ….even with the hands in prayer position, I always
    really do that….but not while typing…

    Our bodies can be our temples,
    we can all look inward and find sanctuary enough
    to heal and raise the energy and all help each other.

    Whether we realize it or not,
    no action too small,
    no action too large left out
    or unnoticed,
    All are part of healing.


    Love to all.

  15. my best of wishes to you all and happy to see that he is doing better.

    have a great holiday season =)


  16. Wishing Chi and his family the absolute best. Sending good karma your way.



  17. Michele T. Valykeo |

    Praying for your wellness.

    I may not comment on every thing I read, but I read it and pray for healing for you because there is healing beyond that which seems stronger than us. Things we deal with only appear to be stronger than us, they are not.

    Example: pneumonia is not an incredibly amazing person, it’s just an illness to be medicated and prayed away.
    The imprint it leaves is not as powerful as the imprint you have on this world.

    Some thing happened to me once within the last 6 years that had me thinking in this way during my own healing. Any method of thinking that puts your mind on top of your situation for positive thoughts is extremely powerful in healing.

    Much positive thinking to you.
    Up two hours early for God knows what reason today.

    Peace, harmony in healing and love to all.

    Thinking of you today Chi.

    Love to you and those you love Chi.


  18. Elly Koi-noYokan |

    Bless you Chi, we love you & think about you everyday <3 I know you will keep getting better <3

  19. Michele T. Valykeo |

    Can’t help the multiple prayer posts.
    It bothers me when you have pneumonia.

    There is a growing circle of those being prayed for this evening. I wanted to post about it so you’d know, as you are a part of it.

    A focus is that we choose to breath in divine healing and stability. Joy, love, name the best of good things. Strength is already there. Also, praying for strength might not be so good. A lady told me that if you pray for strength God will give you some thing to be strong for…so…good point. Must be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. I think there is enough to be strong for. Healing and getting past all the dormant remnants is the key to getting to a new higher level and the focus for this evenings prayers and reiki healing.

    Be well.



  20. Wow,I really hope everything is alright <3 much love and respect

  21. How is he progressing? You are all in my thoughts. I know how hard this is. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  22. Michele T. Valykeo |

    May your day be play with no game.


  23. We love you Chi

  24. I hope for chi’s speedy recovery…get well soon chi

  25. Michele T. Valykeo |


    third eye meditation…a time for all thoughts to
    sit as audience to restful awareness in enlightenment.

    Prayers in the form of incense on this day.

    Love and healing – a good day to all.

  26. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers.


    Sheilan (Cape Town, South Africa)

  27. Michele T. Valykeo |

    This room has been so full of incense it smells like an ashram in here now…that’s a lot of prayer and meditation for you, with more to come.

    Good fortune to you and your family.

    Much healing and love to you Chi.

    12 people have added their names to the little table where the incense burns for you – the more prayed for the better as it does not spread thin, the more prayed for the more the energy raises for all prayed for – a beautiful thing, very positive feeling.


  28. Marty Dee |

    I am prayin for chi to get better. I am happy to see how strong every one of you are being and it makes me happy to know the world still has a great poet and musician.
    All my love goes out to chi.
    Get well broski!!!!

  29. Michele T. Valykeo |

    Some Bob Marley plays, incense and prayer rise, breathing in joy, divine healing, meditation to follow focused on your recovery because your a pretty nice guy.

    Much love to you.


  30. best wishes for a merry christmas.
    thanks you very much for the updates.

    get well soooooon!!! :D

    claudio from italy

  31. best wishes from Poland and I hope Chi will soon get better. You, as his family, will keep him going on until the full recovery.
    Get well Chi!

  32. Cory Breuer(looks like Chino) |

    Get better bro bro! Miss you!

  33. God bless you all….love and prayers to you chi….Monterrey, Mexico prays for you …. chi force …. # oneloveforchi # sannicolasdelosgarzanuevoleon # lacoloradoscontigo

  34. All the best to ya’ll and hope your holiday was great! Chi is a trooper.

  35. Chi, you were supposed to get better and make a comeback and show the world what a badass you are. Hope you rock on in the afterlife and inspire your bandmates to continue making awesome music. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  36. Anthony Carter |

    Chi is an amazing man. Your strength and courage is inspirational to us all!

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