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hey all.. i just added a chat room… please keep it rated PG…and show respect… if it is abused in any way i will have to remove it. i just thought it would be a nice way for us all to connect. enjoy! – gina

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  1. ToHellURide |

    I don't know really why I'm writing this, but something pulls me towards Chi's recovery effort. I've loved the Deftones for years but I guess that it was my mom throughout my life that taught me that anything is possible if you believe. I see that belief and possibility now in Chi's recovery. Anything is possible, we don't realize the strength that lies within us all. I'm focusing my thoughts and energy towards Chi!

  2. dear lord i pray for chi the your will for him is done and that he gets better and that and i ask in jesus name for him to get soon take care of him lord as we and i keep praying for him in jesus name amen

  3. Is awaiting your return Chi, things aren't the same without you. You are in my thoughts and dreams - 
    Endless Love From Florida

  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to Chi and his family for a speedy recovery!
    Your an inspiration to us all Chi….
    I wish you were going to be at the show in SLC on April 21, 2011
    Much Love….

    Salt Lake City, Utah

  5. i saw deftones here in Boston about 2 weeks ago…it was so sad not having CHI up there…i miss him so much…Id love to see him get well…and maybe sometime in the future…team up with someone…and have his entire story told…and maybe do instores…thats a big IF…i have faith in his FULL recovery though…i love you BRUDDAH….
    HEAD UP.

  6. Corrie Walker |

    Will be going to the fundraiser in Sacramento at the Ace of Spades on June 14th to support you Chi. Hope to hear more about you getting well. Your in my prayers. One Love.


  7. Just wishing the best for chi, hope he´s doing better. saw deftones live in hamburg on december 1st 2010, hope i will see them again with chi on the bass guitar some day.

    love from bremen, germany

  8. happy birthday chi, two days too late. get well…

  9. Was wondering where the remaining funds came from to help Chi get to Jersey.  I bought a shirt about a year ago and the funds were at $15k.  Super happy to hear about his new doctors and marked improvement!  Saw Deftones in May in Boca Raton, Florida.  Can't wait to see Chi alongside them once more.  Cheers everyone.

  10. Wake up old bear, the hibernation time is over ;).
    I'll keep you in my prayers, don't you give up on us!
    Good luck from Slovakia :-)

  11. chi is a very strong person. if anyone can make it through this its him. we love you chi!

  12. Theresa 916 to 518 |

    Hey there Bro….I miss you.  we chilled in Sacramento back in the day at CSUS and my crib looking at vinyl.  The way back  days of Deftones in SF and Sac opening for everyone on the planet…..the Sac Town underground basketball league, etc.  I live in upstate NY now and think of you often.  Come back and play with us please!

    • You should go visit him, if they would let you. I know if I ever get close to New Jersey, Id try, even though I don’t know him personally. I think any and all human interaction can only help him. Please don’t take this the wrong way, like I.m tell you what to do. I just think it would be “nice” :)


  13. Hi, I'm Ania from Poland, I still have in my mind the view of Chi screaming his vocal parts in Engine No9, such energetic and kinda wild guy with his cable-like dreads, and now I just can't agree with what I saw on one of these films on you tube, BUT I believe that one day Chi will open his eyes and say ok guys, where is my bass ! Many, many warm thinks for all you people who fight for Chi, I pray for him and for your patience and strenght in this hard time. Don't give up Chi, so many people love you so much!!!

  14. sanritore |

    Wish you all the best, this world needs more people like you.

  15. Never seen deftones live, but still love it, not good to compare, but it's kinda like the chilli peppers without Frusciante, they wil lnever be the same, CHI you are gonna get well brother, GOD is in you, and all of our prayers as well…. GREETINGS FROM COSTA RICA…. PURa VIDA!!!!

  16. Hello Gina,

    I just heard that polish scientists from Gdansk invented an amazing device, it is called CYBER EYE, I can’t find any website in english, however this ‘cyber eye’ contains of infra red camera and a computer programm which can read all emotions generated in brain of people who are in coma , paralyzed or can’t control their body by the moves of their eyes. It looks great, I saw the results-one boy totally paralyzed with help of this cyber eye is now able to comunicate with other people because they can see his emotions on a screen by a symbolic cartoon face which express the emotions generated in his mind, they saw that he was smiling (on the screen)while they were singing him ‘happy birthday’.Those scientists prepared also an experimental and comprehensive programm of bringing back the control of body. I wanted to share this news with you,thinking of Chi.
    Keep warm, I pray for you.

    • hi anna,

      thanks for letting me know about this… that sounds awesome! i’ll check it out!

      one love for chi,

  17. Hey Everyone we wanted to let you know that a few of our bands here in SC are performing in the “One Love for Chi” benefit on Nov18th..From the bottom of our hearts we wish Chi the best! This show is for you brother!

  18. Deftons waiting for you, your fans are waiting for you, the world are waiting for you… You’re making history man, because, you’re a very strong guy. We’re praying for you Chi, god bless you… From Colombia: Que chimba HPTA!! TE QUEREMOS CHI!! ESPERAMOS TU PRONTA RECUPERACIÓN, SABEMOS TAMBIÉN QUE ESTAS PROGRESANDO, SIGUE ASÍ, DIGNA DE ADMIRAR, TODOS LO HACEMOS AQUI…

  19. In 1995 I was 15 when I bought my first Deftones album and fell head over heals into my first musical crush. For the first time I felt like there was someone out there that could pull all the feeling out of me. Feelings I couldn’t find the words for or was to afraid to say out loud, for fear of what my mother would think.

    I wasn’t allowed to listen to music that she didn’t approve. Nor, was I allowed to hang out with people that listen to “that filthy music”. So, for much of my teenage life I felt alone. I didn’t fit into the life she had planed out for me. So, on the outside was a prim and proper debutante. Inside, I was screaming and my skin felt too tight.

    Fast-ward to January 1997 I am 16 and my whole world comes crashing down. The one person in my whole life who ever understood me, my father commented suicide. I turned into a zombie robot. I did what I was supposed to do, said what I was supposed to say. But it was all done with out feel, I was completely numb. I was circling the rim of the same black hole my father fell into. Then in October Around the Fur came out. Headup and Be Quite and Drive became my anthems. They woke me up.

    To sum it up I want to thank Chi and the rest of the guys for there being there when I had nothing left. I also want to thank their families for their sacrifice of time with there loved ones. I know it could not have been easy. So, thank you.

  20. Supporting Chi from Chile :D , and Chi….. my dream or my wish is know you or see you sometime in my life :).

    P.D.: Gina Thankas for all this that you do for Chi :D One Love For Chi lmL !!!!

  21. Drew McCrary |

    Chi, bro I know times are hard with you but you got to know we all love ya man! You have a great family taking care of you and I know in my heart one day you will pull out of this a stronger and more awesome person than you were before!

    One Love for you brother!

    Drew McCrary (Former Security from HOB in Myrtle Beach.)

    Gina, as mentioned before thank you so much for all you do!

  22. LondonBoy |

    Can’t add anything more than all of the beautiful people above have written. Sending you all of my energy and hope somehow you can feel it!

  23. LOVE!

    You will make it!!!

  24. I have been praying for you for 3 years now.. so much time has passed but no hope has been lost.

    I love to see how much global love is spread, and i hope when your back.. looking among this beautiful website you will all see what hope everyone has spread from all over.


    love and prayers from Toronto Ontario Canada


  25. saw chi and deftones in 2006 at donnington park – big fan since

    best wishes is a cliche but so true in this case.

  26. LY from Kansas |

    Just made a donation. Saw Chi moving his leg… f yeah!! Chi, I hope you get well and I hope to see you soon!

    With love from Kansas,

    Joel and Jessica Brewer

  27. StiftyBerlin |

    oh my god chi, it’s so sad…
    (i know my english is not so well but i’ll try my best..)

    i have dreamed about deftones last night and some voice in my head tells me: look for them in the internet.. and i do. and found the sad story about chi. i didn’t knew about his accident…that makes me so sad this sunday morning :((
    i’m a big fan of deftones since the early 90′s..i was on a lot of concerts in berlin and i’m still in love with this music..
    chi, i’ll pray for you and i hope u come back !!!
    hugs from berlin/germany

  28. andyfilth |

    hi gina, chi and family.

    i watched a documentary on youtube and decided i had to help out any way i could – i enjoyed chi’s music with the deftones and he seems like a good man who has made a lot of people happy. i respect that, because that’s how i try to live my life too.
    you guys need the money more than i do right now, i hope it helps out.
    all the best chi, stay strong and keep fighting.

    regards, andy.

  29. I saw this video and thought of Chi. Pretty touching. I bet he could do it too:) xo

  30. Please read the following article
    82 year old woman in coma for 9 years brought out of it using her own stem cells!!!

  31. OliverPARIS |

    wish you the best of luck Mister CHI!!.and i feel so sad for you bro.
    I live in France, I’m a fan of Deftones since the beginning and I’d like you to answer a simple question, what are you waiting for to ask chi’s friends to give money to provide him what he needs, I mean, he has a lot of friends in the show business, well known artists, and they have plenty money!!! 70 000 dollars divided in 5 rock stars (for example). even just one rock star can pay!!!
    CHI has been in a coma since 2008, what does it mean to you?
    all those guys with money want life but they don’t know exactly what life really is …

  32. I was reading Brian “Head” Welch’s book Stronger, and it was about when Sonny and Brian visited Chi. I had known about Chi for awhile, but I had never really gotten into it until I read that. I just now signed up and subscribed and I also download A Song For Chi. I was almost in tears when I saw that the Chi Documentary part 2 of 2 on YouTube had 1 dislike. I am almost crying about it right now when I think about it.

  33. I love you Chi! We all need to stop riding motorcycles. There are too many bad drivers out there.

  34. chermaine |

    sending my love&prayers to chi,and letting him know im gonna buy a tshirt from here and wear it to my next deftones show in sac on sept.23rd:),much love chi

  35. Just wanted to say that I have probably listened to Deftones the most since junior high. I haven’t seen the Deftones live since Ozz Fest 99. I’ve only seen them when Chi was fully conscious. I had a dream recently that I saw the Deftones a few weeks ago and Chi had fully recovered from his coma. I hope to God that my dream will come true. Get better soon. Chi was one of the main reasons why I picked up a bass guitar in the first place. My love to the Cheng family.

  36. More love to Cheng from Kansas.

  37. My name is Sarah Taylor, I’m from Summerfield, FL. I’ve been a Deftones fan for over a decade and I check in on Chi’s progress from time-to-time. I don’t know who will end up reading this, but I’ve been desperately wanting to reach out and let Chi’s family know they’re in my heart and thoughts. Sometimes, finding the right words is the hardest part. Chi’s family’s strength, determination, and love is absolutely incredible. As a mother, I look up to Chi’s mom, she inspires me…and it amazes me that… no matter how old a woman’s child grows, they will always remain that woman’s baby. Chi’s mom sees her son the same way I see mine and it hurts my heart to think of what she’s been going through…but she’s inspiring in the way that she refuses to give up on her boy. I’m normally not a very sentimental person, especially with people I don’t know on a personal level…but I’ve been a Deftones fan for 11…12 years and after so long of enjoying somebody’s music, you feel intuned to them…like you’re one with the band in that moment. Through everything I’ve been through, it feels like their music saved me. They kept my spirit going. I know it sounds crazy but I guess most fans do. Anyway, I pray that Chi continues to make positive progress and recovers soon…I miss his work…and I’m sorry to say but for as long as I’ve been a Deftones fan, I have never seen them live, and I can’t see them live until Chi is there…and it’s nothing against Sergio Vega, he’s an amazing musician…it’s just my way of keeping hope and being utterly stubborn.

  38. I read a story about a girl waking up from a coma because of an Adele song. There’s so much we don’t know about these states of consciousness. Since strange things like this happen from time to time, I think it might be a good idea to give it a shot. Maybe play Chi some of his favorite songs, or something that he’s very passionate about and emotionally attached to in a positive way. Maybe even some Deftones songs. I get the feeling that one component of these instances is that someone’s emotional attachment to something like a favorite song is so strong that it can wake them from a coma. Maybe this could give him the jolt he needs to get better. Stem cells can do wondrous miracles, but unfortunately they can only be useful if the procedures are done outside the country. I’ve been listening to Deftones since I first began listening to music. My first album was Around the Fur. As a musician myself, I feel a lot of emotional attachment to my music. Maybe if Chi listens to his favorite music or even his own music, something could click and things will get better. I’ve been to two Deftones concerts so far and I hope my third will have Chi’s presence on stage.

  39. sending much love to Chi and the family.. the deftones has been one of my favorite bands for years..i love all their music, and i wish i could do more than donate to help Chi get better.. loved seeing him in Charlotte NC at the back to school tour.. and now anticipating seeing the Deftones again at Carolina Rebellion May 4&5th.. We all love you Chi.. praying you pull through this brother

  40. Michael Glassman |

    My first concert was in 1997 in Toronto where I saw Deftones play. They were a big part of my childhood and I wish I could do more to help. I don’t usually donate money because I don’t have much. I am trying to become a better person and that involves helping those around me. This is the perfect opportunity to directly help someone who desperately needs and deserves it. Chi, when you recover, make sure to come back to Toronto. I will be in the crowd.

  41. In memory of Chi-
    I have been a fan since I g

  42. In memory of Chi
    I have been a fan since my friend brought over a bootleg mix tape with a shitty re-re-recorded version of bored that I’m pretty sure was copied while someone was underwater or in a closet or both. It was great. I was the fat kid growing up and Deftones just had something that spoke to me. The distorted riffs, deep wailing screams and lyrics that were like a punch in the face that you would take with a smile, nonstop percussion and punding bass. My first concert was to see Deftones while I was in 7th grade my friends mom drove us. It was at what was the best spot to see hardcore/ nu-metal, death metal concerts, it was Lupos Heartbreak Hotel in providence Rhode Island. I forget the band that opend mostly cuz I was in awe as a got pushed and shoved through the crowd trying not to get killed. I was only 12 and that fat kid as mentioned,Not very intimidating and very awkward. Kinda like a first sexual expirence it was awesome and scary all at once, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Well In The intermission between bands my friends older brother managed to get us right next to the front right of the stage. The lights went down and out walked a giant with dreads almost to the floor. An almost immediately the whole place went completely Insaine engine no. 9….It was great I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage my ears could have been bleeding but the 45 mins or so they played was not enough I wanted so much more and I was hooked Deftones was now may favorite band ever. Fast forward a few years were out side of a strawberries records in the middle of July in Worcester. Waiting for hours cooking in the sun to meet the band and get the first copies of white pony. We were there for hours, then you guys showed up, and slowly but surely we got to go in. The whole time thinking about my 30 seconds with the band to ask a question or 2 maybe aget a pic. As we get up to the table some security guard tells us not to bother the guys with stupid questions or pictures, just get ur stuff signed cuz they’re running late. Well this was also my birthday and my best friend who got me the bootleg tape and who has gone to every Deftones concert with me at least 7 or 8 at this point. Gets in front of me and as we’re going through makes it a point to let the other band members know its my birthday and I get thanks and congrats from Chino, Frank Abe and Steph, but when I get to Chi he has this huge smile on his face stands up shakes my hand asks my name, where I’m from what else I plan on doing on my birthday. It was an interaction that Probibly was forgotten as soon as he got back on the bus to head to the show I thought, but it meant the world to me he took 3 extra minutes to give me a little bit of personal attention, I got to snap a pic ( which I made that dick security guy take) and I got a” have a great bday” written on his page in the white pony booklet. It was awesome and one of the best memories I have as a teenager. The show after the signing rocked it was an hour and a half and it rocked. The end of the show as people were leaving Chi came around tossed a few pics out on the crowd and when he was done he saw me and my friends standing there as we were about to leave he ran back grabbed another pic yelled out to a security guardor roadie to get our attention then he reached down and handed it to me… I have the pic and album autographs still. And I cherish them. My favorite band, my favorite band member and my favorite memory from when I was younger. I’ve read a whole bunch of stuff about rockstars and most Of it is probibly exaggerated bullshit. But everything about Chi Isin’t what you normally read. It was how he was down to earth and takes time for people and would help out fans given the chance and how he was this gentle giant of a man with a heart and soul. When he played he always had a smile and at the end of set a slight bow to the crowd showed he was just as appreciative of us as we were of him. He was in my mind what a real rock star is.. By definition he was a rock god. My one Interaction I had so minuscule in his life, made mine as a fan and i am forever greatful. When I am an angry old man listing to adrenaline in my wheel chair I will think back to that day and the shows and the coolest musician I had ever met. My deepest prayers go out to the close friends and family of Chi. One love my brother, one love.
    Tom Beer, just south of Boston Ma.

    P.s sorry for any grammar, spelling errors I do this on my iPhone and autocorrect is horrific to say the least.

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