Please Pray For Marco Also… Must Read!

praying-handshi all… i just had to take a moment to share some thoughts and really just express how blown away i am about what has happened here… i started this out as a way to help someone I cared about.. but it has turned into so so much more. i get so many emails that express so many kind words… people that tell me they look forward to checking the site every day.. that it helps them in some way.. just so much LOVE!!! it is just.. well amazing. i am in awe!

so – i meet this sweet girl Patricia… she has been praying for Chi.. and well.. the best way to tell you.. is to show you… so i am going to re-post her comments… it is special…

this was her first comment:

I have been a huge Deftones fan for years, and have heard countless stories of Chi & the guys over the years from friends of mine who know the band. I have been following the updates on this wonderful site for some time with a heavy but hopeful heart, mostly thinking “I cannot imagine what those close to him must be going thru.” Then, on Friday, April 10, my own little brother was in a car accident that has left him in a coma,in & out of ICU, with traumatic brain injuries (among many other serious injuries) as well, and he is still fighting for his life tonight as i write this to you. About a week before his accident, we had been listening to/blasting the Deftones together, rockin’ out in that same car and talking about Chi- how we both hoped he’ll come out of it soon so we can go see them again together, and the Tones can keep making the amazing music that has been such a HUGE part of our lives & gotten us thru so much. I just want to say that my prayers and LOVE are with you all, Deftones & Cheng family, and all who know & love Chi. My brother and I prayed for Chi together that night, and now I pray for Chi & my precious brother. May they both find their way through this darkness & back into the light where they belong.
p.s.: Gina, this website is AMAZING! Thank you so much for creating it & going out of your way for everyone. You truly must be an angel on earth.

my response:

hi patricia.. i am so very sorry. please let us know your brothers name so we can also keep him in our prayers…

thank you so much for your prayers and support.

stay strong sweetheart…

thanks again.

one love for chi,

And.. her reply:

Hi Gina-my brother’s name is Marco.I thank you from the heart for asking, and offering to include him in your prayers. It seems we need it now more than ever, as the news we got this morning was not good, and he had to be put back on life support. At the hospital my cousins & I have been praying for Chi each time we pray for my brother. It’s just become a natural part of the prayer now, as we are all such fans of the band, and a musical family in general. One of my cousins suggested we bring some Deftones to the hospital to play for him, and I believe we will be doing that later this evening, hoping that at the very least, hearing one of his favorite bands will soothe him in some way. I know it soothes me! Last night, my cousins and I (there were 9 of us!) hung out in the hospital parking lot’s top level with the Deftones blasting from the car, and we all just kind of got into this zone, laying on the ground or car hoods so we could star gaze, all singing and swaying. It was awesome, because we were all so upset, and afterwards we felt so much better!!! Not to mention we were doing what my brother would have been doing for one of us. Ok, I’m ranting here, so…time to get ready to go back to the hospital anyway. Thanks again, Gina & others who commented on my first post. MUCH LOVE TO DEFTONES, CHENG FAMILY & DEFTONES FANS!!!!

And she emails me back… I had offered to help send her something that may help in waking him….

Wow. What a gesture, Gina. My brother & I would cherish such a gift in this time of need. WHO ARE YOU WOMAN??? You are such a godsend to so many, it seems.
The very fact that you have just taken the time to reply to my posts has meant SO MUCH to me. I told my cousins last night that I posted on the site and that you replied and they were blown away and said “Wow-there ARE still some good people out there in this world.”
Thank you so much for your prayers for my brother. He is a great, young, handsome musician full of compassion and spirit like Chi, and is loved by many as well. It is all we can do to hope that these two bright lights in our world come back to us soon, and in the meantime, while hoping & praying, do the best we can to keep their spirits alive within us by being the best human beings we can be in their honor. For them and because of them. You, my new friend whom I have never met are the epitome of that.
Thanks again, Gina. There are many lights in this world, and you surely must be one of them.

Please everyone… let’s all take the time to also include Marco in our prayers… it would mean alot!!!

One Love For Chi,


  1. Patricia,
    Your message was touching. We definately understand what you’re going through. I’m glad that you have family that can be together, and pray together. Thank you for your continued prayer for Dai. You now have a huge network of people praying for Marco, including the Cheng Clan.

  2. chinozgirl |

    Dearest Patricia,
    Oh honey I’m so sorry 4 the accident ur brother was in-i have a brother in Iraq&constantly worry about him!Brothers r 1 uv the greatest things2have&I will pray4ur brother also&u jus keep talkn2him&keep ur hopes up-god will prevail!keep ur spirits up girl-this is just the hard part&I have faith that he will come out uv this!all my thoughts&prayers will be with u!blessings!stay strong chic!


  4. I just came home from the hospital for a quick shower & to pick up a few things and check my email (and this site, of course) & saw these AMAZING replies—THANK YOU SO MUCH, ALL OF YOU!!! I wanted to reply, but now I am sitting here, wordless & crying! What beautiful people you are, really…I am touched beyond words, and ever hopeful. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    • patricia.. you are so welcome. let marco know the chi army is praying for him too!

      stay strong.. and have faith!!!

      one love for chi.. and marco!

  5. Patricia,
    Hang in there girl. I know how hard it is to wait for someone you love to be okay. I lost my little brother to Diabetes when he was 25 and almost lost my other little brother to a car accident about 5 yrs. ago. That was the toughest day of my life because all I could think was, ” please God not him too.” I am praying for Marco and your family. Synchronicity comes in many forms. Maybe, in some karmic way, Chi’s accident was a way to help you get through your brothers accident. Not in a bad way. Like attracts like so love must attract love and I know you can feel the love when you come to this sight. I think Marco feels it too. Love transcends all negativity and through all the prayers of all of the peaceful warriors on the site magic & miracles are happening as we speak. I believe that with all my heart. I am sending Marco lots of love, prayers and positive vibes. From what you wrote about him I know his heart is open to receiving it all. Hang in there my sister.
    “Everything’s gonna be alright”
    -Bob Marley

    Your sister in peace,

  6. Aunt Renée |

    My sister Jeanne has asked that we let you know we are all praying for Marco. I was praying for him this morning when I read your post and on my drive to work. I’m not always good at that, although I have great faith, but how could I not be inspired by everyone who is touching our life? Even through some of the worst things in life, we can find blessings.
    What a difficult time for you and your family, I am so sorry. Keep the faith and remember that with God all things are possible.
    Much Love
    Aunt Renée

  7. Dearest Patricia n Marco,
    As Wan (my #3 ) said, you have tapped into a powerful army of prayer warriers. We thank you all for your heart and prayers!! You and Marco will be in all of our prayers. Please tell him that the prayers beside Chi’s ICU bed are also going out to him. May our God give you all strength and courage. Don’t you ever doubt that he hears every prayer and we must wait on Him with faith in a plan that we could not possibly understand. Think of life as a tapestry and all we get to see are the straggles of colored threads on the one side that don’t make any sense. From God’s view it is a complete and perfect picture. I try to remember that fear is a lack of faith. It is hard not to be afraid when someone you love so dearly is in danger. Remember that God created Marco and God loves him even more than we do. And if we don’t get in the way of God’s plan, He always has the last word. I know that no matter what tests show or Doctors say that our loving God, Jehovah, created my son and that He is very capable of healing him. Give Marco into His care and trust in Him. Please keep us in your prayers and let us know how you are doing.
    ONE LOVE ALWAYS!! Jeanne, Chi, Mae and the Cheng


  8. hey momma j – what a beautiful message.. i admire you so much mom.

    you are so right.. and i know i also needed to hear that right now.

    i love you..

  9. My Gina Girl, I am so proud of the circles and circles of love and faith and love for our God that you are spreading. There are so many lessons here at so many levels. Thank goodness you have those 4 sets of hands on you Sweetie. God bless you and yours Gina. You did good! Thank you for your energy and boundless love.Mom

  10. Aunt Mary |

    Patricia, it so good of you to continue to think of us now, when you are going through such a crisis with Marco. We will be praying for his recovery and for strength and comfort and peace for you and your family. The waiting is so hard. Stay strong. You have linked into an amazing network of loving, caring people here, and we will all be praying for Marco and your family.

    One Love, Aunt Mary

  11. And Gina, if you are reading this tonight, I hate to repeat myself but go and get some rest honey. Time to sleep. Go to bed. Go to bed. I love you. mom

    • hey momma j – you will be happy to know that i listened to you last night and went to bed..

      many blessings to chi and marco!


  12. I lit a candle for Marco too last night. I light one almost every night for Chi, i will do so for Marco too. Stay strong.



    Thank you all SO MUCH for your beautiful words, love & prayers for my brother, my family and myself. It is hard to find the words that match the feelings I got when reading all of your messages. I think the closest I can come is to share with you one thought I had, which is that for a world that can at times be so painful and ugly, there sure is an awful lot of beauty in it, in the hearts and souls of its people. Checking this site at first was just out of my deep love and respect for a band that has helped to add beauty to my world. Now when I come here, it reminds me that my family and I are not alone, and that strength is indeed in numbers and comes from a love so pure & true it cannot be destroyed. Only shared and spread from one beautiful soul to another. Thank you all for sharing so much with us in our time of need, while you are all in your own time of need. How beautiful is it that we are all praying together and for each other?? Strength in numbers indeed.


    • you are so right patricia.. so right. you all are so not alone.. now we are indeed all in this together. i will be praying tonight for both chi and marco.. let’s keep our faith strong.

      send my blessings and love to your brother and your family.

      one love for chim

  14. Patricia,
    how is Marco doing? Any improvement? ONELOVE..Jeanne

  15. hey, you know, maybe marco and chi are hanging out right now and they will bring each other back… keep the faith everyone.. all is as it should be.

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