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hi Gina! let me send you a quick blog to our lovely onelove family,

Mae has been staying with Chi for most of the time since Chi went into ICU on Thursday. Today when Sal and I went
in to see him, he looked better than we had expected. He was quite aware of what was going on. He is still on life support and not enjoying the tube down his throat.

He did respond to us and they are going to try to ween him off the breathing machine tomorrow. When they tried today he did not do well but he has been on it before and gotten off without incident.

He is sedated part of the time but knows that he is near home and we are waiting to get him back to the house. He knows that we are there. Sal read him all of the comments that were sent to him and he knows that there are so many people sending
prayers and love.

Sal took a few pics for me to share with you. He is quite intensely listening to what I say and responds in different small but
deliberate ways. He knows that we are waiting for him.

Thank you all again for the prayers and support! He wanted so much to be home and you all brought him home to California and to his family. We are so grateful! Please keep him lifted in prayer. Blessings to you all family!

-Mom J and the Cheng gang


  1. Jeff Cagle |

    I had the pleasure of meeting Chi on three separate occasions in Minneapolis. All of them were positive, as Chi showed appreciation, professionalism, and class towards all his fans – something not all musicians do.

    I am continuing to keep Chi and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there.


  2. I love hearing about his responses, no matter how small they may seem to someone on the outside of the the situation. Please tell Chi there are people all the way from Alberta, Canada sending him so much love and so many prayers. We hope he gets better soon, and is always in our thoughts. HUGE thanks also go to everyone taking care of him too, as he wouldn’t be doing as well as he is without you guys, of course.
    One love!! Stephanie and Sean Thomas <3

  3. Judy A. Wallace |

    Dear Brother, I know you’re fighting hard and I know you’ve been down this road many times. I’m assured thru prayer that God is with you and working thru you. So many people love you and want you here with us! I feel you’ve reached that turning point and you’ll be back at home in Cali soon enough. Just know that we love you and your family and we wait for as long as it takes. You have a purpose, sweet Dai!

  4. Nayan Parmar |

    Stay strong, Chi. You’ll be back on stage no time.

    - Long time Deftones’ fan from Stockton.

  5. Chi! I truly believe you are going to make it out of this. You and your family deserve so much happiness, I know it will come. It amazes me that even in a situation as this, you are still able to inspire so many of us.
    I wish I could do more to help but for now my prayers all I have to offer :)
    Love you,stay strong.

  6. Ashley Riessen |

    Praying for you!!! :)

  7. you just totally made my day!!!! you are sooooo loved …God bless you chi and family and the oneloveforchi family…praying hard!!! janette (california)

  8. Great News! Keep Pushing Brother!

  9. love ya chi, stay strong! xo

  10. I am a radio DJ in San Antonio, Tx. I want Chi to know that every Deftones fan in the Alamo City is pulling for him! Here’s to a speedy recovery! We can’t wait for him to come rock our faces off again!! \m/ God Bless..

  11. Amy Kopia |

    Chi, you hang in there and get well. I’m praying for you and have a whole army praying for you too. I believe in you. Many blessings, Amy

  12. Stay strong Chi

  13. Morten Steinheim |

    Be strong and get well, Chi! Love from Norway!

  14. May the love of your friends, family, and fans power the sail through the rough waters you find yourself in. I sincerely love you and everything you symbolize to everyone you have touched.. You have made such an impression on me as a person and I only wish you find your Elysium.

  15. Trust in the Lord Chi! I pray a incredible healing and comfort take place in your life! Our student ministry lifted you up in prayer on Sunday! Hope my music will help sooth your soul bro!

  16. God bless you brother!
    I’m praying

  17. Bryan Castellanos |

    In my prayers Chi ! The song “uuddlrlrab select start” reminds me of you every time I listen to it. Have your mom play this for you in your healing :)

    MUCH LOVE !!!

    Bryan Castellanos

  18. Excellent! I’m still praying and believing! Make sure someone is playing his favorite music all the time! And bring him animals he loves…like if he;s a dog person or a cat person! Music and animals are groovy ways of healing :)
    keep rockin Chi! You got this!

  19. joey cardenas |

    you are one of my biggest inspirations and were always my favorite in deftones and in music. i am 28 years old and have a small daughter named angel. i read your updates and blogs. me and my whole family including my parents always ask me for updates on how you are doing. we live in san jose ca. we are all very conserned and very hopeful and we all know that you will make it through no matter what. thank you for being such a huge inspiration and much love and respect!

    as always

    we love you

    joey c =)

  20. I am so glad to hear that is is so responsive and doing better. Been praying every night since the accident. I will continue to pray for his recovery and strength for the family. Love you Chi!! Get well soon <3

  21. Welcome home Chi. I wish I could do more for you. Thank you for enhancing my life with your gift of music.

  22. Muita força, Chi!

  23. bob bergeron |

    we all miss you chi. we miss your energy on the stage.

  24. love. that’s all I have to say…love

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