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Dearest onelovefamily,

You must be wondering again about Chi’s progress at home. He finished the course of IV antibiotics on Thursday, June 28. That being done, he was to be discharged last Friday. When Friday rolled around we were informed that his blood work culture came back and he had another infection in his blood. So he will be on another IV antibiotic for maybe 10 days. They do plan to let him get started on it and send him home this coming Thursday or Friday. We will be able to do the IV med at home. The Doc really wants to see him home where there are less germs than in the hospital. We can control his environment here.

So the house is ready for him and Sal has turned into the germ police. She has large containers of antibacterial wipes on every corner of the counters and tables. Ya gotta love her! She bought copious amounts of gloves, wipes, spray cleansers, hand sterilizers, and has organized his every item perfectly. now we just need to get the man home again.

His immune system is weakened and we are researching things that will boost it . Any suggestions you may have we will follow up on. We are being very careful to double check any side effects or contraindications as
well as drug interactions with his current medications.

He looks pretty miserable right now….he must feel really weak and ill. The highlight of his day is when Sal
reads him all of your messages.
This whole drama has nothing to do with his TBI. It is not a problem with his brain. It is a problem from staying in the hospital too long, getting too many infections and antibiotics and having it shoot down his immune system. The fact that he was in bed without getting up for three straight months did his lungs and body no good at all. He is in isolation now and the Doc said that the mask, gown and gloves we must wear are more for his own protection than for anyone else.

This is saddening and maddening and really a kick in the gut, but if it had happened in New Jersey I don’t think that he would be alive at all.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for bringing him HOME to California!! We can see him every day and the staff is excellent! And he will come back home to the house soon which is going to make all the difference in the world!
I want to let you know where your generous donations are going. We are trying to straighten out his medicare which got messed up by them. We are also trying to get his m/cal reinstated. For now though we are paying out of pocket for his needs. The plane to get him home was $18,000. The perscriptions Mae picked up for him were $1,700. The bed rental with a good mattress is $700. a month and there are other rental items and personal items. I did splurge (my dime on some other things) and got him a big screen TV since we don’t really know how well he sees and Sal is going to help me pick out a good sound system for him. Of course the wish list goes on and on. I would like to get him a van that he can travel well in to go to Dr. appointments etc. When he is back up to speed I have dreams of taking him to the beach and places he would enjoy. For now though it is such a blessing to have him back in California and he WILL be home soon.

When he gets here, you will be the first to know. There are no words to express the gratitude we have for all of your support and prayers and love for this man who just won’t give up.

We love you and wish you all well! Blessings onelove family!

Jeanne and the Cheng Gang



  1. Martin Rosales |

    Get well soon chi!!!

  2. I am sorry about his infections but so hopeful and happy to hear he is pulling through. Chi: you’re a fighter. You are going through so much but you’re also an inspiration! You have so much people, family and friends who are praying and rallying for you to get better. Just know that you’re making strides and whenever you feel like you want to give up, just remember that everyone is here to help and support you, everyone is cheering Let’s Go Chi!! Let’s Go Chi!! Many blessings and love.

  3. Just wanted to say how much of an inspiration this entire family is. Im just a guy from southern Ohio who loves deftones and chi gives me inspiration. Even though significantly less severe I was in a motorcycle wreck 10-10-10 had mild TBI and right hand is supposed to be no more than 50% use. With the help of real friends and family and reading updates as I could on chi. Well it made a huge difference. I am a barber by trade and back working. Thank you for your determination chi!

  4. stay strong my friend, I am sure you can’t wait to get back HOME. and you will be there soon.

    just know that you are always in our thoughts and I am sending you lots of love from Northern Ireland.

    you touched and changed my life quite a bit you know? White Pony kinda got me in the right direction in a time when I was in a really dark place, and your music helped me through so much and it will always be a big part in my life.

    lots of love!

  5. There are a lot of natural herbs that Chi can take that will really boost his immune system. First recommendation is Cat’s Claw – it’s a powerful immune response stimulator that helps the body fight off infections and diseases. It contains oxindole alkaloids enhancing the immune system’s capacity to engulf and destroy pathogens. It has possible side effects tho. Other good things to use without side effects are Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon. Whey Protein shakes are great as well to boost energy, immune support, and to help build those muscles back up! WE LOVE YOU CHI and we will keep praying for you. We know you can make it through this. One Love <3

  6. Happy Birthday too!

  7. Debrah McDonald |

    Thank you for keeping us posted. Sending much love to Chi and his family

  8. Jeff López Canaca |

    this is a great new, I feel happy for Chi and his soon recovery, I wish him prosperity, hope and hapiness and for all onelove family too for not leaving Chi alone, blessings from Honduras.

  9. Oniönhead |

    Much sincere hope and Def-love from Denmark!

  10. Ashley Riessen |

    You are a brave, strong one! Sending love and prayers :)

  11. Try Vitamin D3 in large amounts (15,000 IU +) to strengthen his immunes system and supplement with Colloidal Silver (which has helped me immensely when trying to boost resistance to infection)

    Their both a little controversial, but I have seen them work repeatedly!

    Hope that helps!

  12. my dear chi…my brother in heart and spirit…i love you…you are in my prayers always…i could list all the hopes and wishes i have for you but we would be here all day …lol…hang in there chi…stay tough …i pray soon the road will stop being all uphill and you can coast for a while…i will continue to pray for you and for your fantastic family…lots of love and very best wishes..janettexxx(california)

  13. Can you pls let Chi know that yesterday I spent my whole night listening to his songs and viewed his video clip on Youtube so my thoughts are definitely with you ! and I like the way you help the community :)

    Would like to express a great gratitude to Chi’s family members, fans, and everyone who is there for him !

  14. Lisa Jennings |

    Thank you so much for the update. I have been wondering how he was doing. Vitamin C does amazing things for our immune systems and it also helps to heal wounds so I would make sure he is getting extra. Take the best care, ~Lisa

  15. So happy to hear that Chi is back in CA with is family! As for boosting his immune system to help fight infections you might inquire with his Dr.about pro-biotics – especially if he is on really heavy duty antibiotics that are killing off all the good bacteria in his system along with the bad. A member of my family is a quadriplegic who has had similar problems with infections after being in the hospital (IV pick lines to his heart for antibiotics for weeks at a time) and his health has improved tremendously with a good quality, potent pro-biotic. The only downside is they can be expensive. Just a thought.

    I know first hand that taking care of someone you love is not only rewarding, but can be exhausting at times too. I hope you all know how wonderfully amazing you are for your tireless efforts – and that you also get the support that you need. Your unwaivering dedication to Chi’s care is a testament to your love for him, and he is so lucky to have you. As a lifelong fan I certainly appreciate all that you do for him.

    Much love, and always sending well wishes!

  16. First of all, I’d like to say how glad I am that Chi will be coming home where he belongs. He’ll be able to recover easier at home, surrounded by the ones who love him. I also wanted to give some information on ways to boost your immune system -

    Vitamin C is widely known to be good for that purpose. I also did some searches for other information. I couldn’t give you all of them because it told me it made my comment “spamy”, but here’s a couple -



    I hope those are able to offer a little help to you guys. I’m keeping you and Chi in my thoughts.

  17. Nicholas Fernandez |

    Hi Chi :)
    I hope you are doing good & getting better. You are a big influence to me and that is why I play bass, I wanted to be just like you Chi. But enough about me, I hope you recover to the fullest :) hope to see you on the stage again in hopes of meeting you in person. Keep your head up!

    -Nicholas, Ontario CA.

  18. Hey there Jeanne. One thing that may help to boost immunity is Kimberly Snyder’s Immunity Tea. I can’t vouch for it, I’ve never tried that in particular, but I have incorporated many of Kimberly’s healthy eating habits into my life, and I can definitely tell a difference. I don’t get sick as much, and feel great! Diet is so important to overall health. I hope that helps! Good luck. You all are in my prayers.

  19. Michele T. Valykeo |

    First of all I love Chi and pray for him every day.

    This is a long read but I am compelled to share what helped me to live well after being quite ill for years after 6 rounds of antibiotics too close together to each other and other medications unfortunately weakened my system terribly afterwards.

    I seemed to cycle around in a state of various illnesses after I’d been a cancer patient, got bit by a poisonous spider and other.

    Any doctor might like to really think of these products and be willing to take a look at them and offer an opinion on them if he has experience with them. I think a compound pharmacist would take a look into these items with you with the most knowledge;

    Living Clay/detox clay powder/all natural calcium bentonite clay. This is something I use daily for intestinal health. The intestines are the key to the immune system and living clay is very soothing and healing to the walls of the intestines. It can also be used on the skin topically;


    I purchase it at http://www.livingclayco.com

    Silver hydrosol – this is what doctors spray in the eyes of newborns as I understand to keep infections out of their eyes when they pass through the birth canal. When I can use this every day – I feel great. It takes nothing from my system. I love it. When I have had this daily I never got so much as a hive on my skin. When my eyes would itch, I did not rub them I sprayed this in my eyes. I buy it at the following website. I love these people they really are what the name of their website elludes to;


    Here’s one to be careful with, a poison control substance available at the pharmacy normally, or online easily from the powermall.com I like it in powder form rather than capsule; activated charcoal. I’ve used it because my system sometimes seems to not clear toxins fast enough. I used to be diagnosed with bronchitis every year. I no longer get that. a combination of iodine tea and activated charcoal are what made that stop happening. I’ve used activated charcoal only for brushing my teeth to take all germs out of my mouth [good and bad] and spitting out or drank it when I would feel like I was going to get rather ill from things that my system could not hold up to. Then 2 hours later I would have to take every vitamin that I have in the cabinet because activated charcoal takes the good with the bad out of the system – that is such a powerful item that it should really be considered only when Chi is very well and on his feet and quite stronger unless a doctor wants to give it otherwise in an extremely controlled environment.
    I can’t give enough warnings about it, however, I want you to know of it and look it up online if you don’t know of it already – please show this to a doctor. Activated charcoal does interfere with medications whereas living clay is more of a system balance medicine, although I am sure there are cautions [lots of good info at the website above] and I drink living clay every day if I can afford it [$20.00 a container that can last me more than a month].

    I get a lot of backlash on this next product from people due to the name of the product and their belief systems. PH strips prove to me that this next product I use balances my PH levels in my body just as living clay does; Miracle II soap and Miracle II gel. I am Coptic Christian and have no problem with the ingredient “the anointing of God” and it healed every skin problem I could have possibly had. It does work for me and I use it more than Epsom salt – though the magnesium in Epsom salts is good in baths. The only good vitamins for me are liquid because my intestines were nearly destroyed by antibiotics and mold allergies quite a while back [intestines are healthy now]… youngevity are my favorite liquid vitamins.

    Those vitamins are here for sale and the radio host is a former compound pharmacist [Ben Fuchs] – he is worth listening to…please listen to his show – he has great health knowledge.


    I am healthier these days and no longer have problems with my intestines. I am also a former bass player who quit my band when I was at my weakest. I am stronger today and don’t catch everyone’s colds as much as I might suffer occasionally from my own weakened state if I forget my health routine.

    I am praying every day for Chi’s return to health.
    You are all in my prayers.

    One thing Chi has that makes him strong even now is love.

  20. So glad he will be home soon. Nothing better than home sweet home. We love and miss you all. Yes, the Medi Cal situation is crazy here for us as well. If you have trouble getting the correct extension I have learned to just randomly dial numbers until you get a human being!!! Keeping you in our prayers and thank you for regular updates. Always checking :)

  21. Tonic herbs- especially good Reishi, gynostemma, adrenal supporting supplements. Kefir after all those antibiotics.

    Chi- sorry about this fight not letting up. You have fought long and hard. You have not given up for a reason. You have proven you are a stronger man than anything life can throw at you. A true inspiration! I pray that you can get where you need to be ASAP. The energy of family, friends and loved ones is the best medicine.

    Sending out the healing energy from Canada.

  22. Philip H. |

    Hey you guys. Just wanted to wish my dear friend Chi a speedy recovery and maybe give out some advice on the health issues he is going through right now. As a health enthusiast for the past 6 years, I have found many qualities and benefits from the use of herbal therapy that may help Chi. Green tea recovers dying brain cells and has a variety of nervous system properties. Not sure if Chi can have caffeine in his system, but in the form of Panax Ginseng and green tea, it can help. Levadopa turns into dopamine in the brain and has been found in the Mucuna Pruriens legume/herb that has a variety of different organic chemicals that maintain strong structure of oepration within the mind and body. In chiense medicine, it is said to replenish all the major organ systems and has antioxidant power. maybe you guys could take chi somehow to Peru and have him have a shaman brew him ayahuasca, a sacred brewing of two herbs, which is illegal in the states and a lot of countries. we all know the law and they dont actually have anything to do with human culture and life. they control us. this brew has said to been drank by a friend of comedian Joe Rogan and he said his friend in florida had gotten into a car accident. he had a vision while sitting with the shaman that he saw black stuff inside some of the friends organs. he then procedded to somehow take the black stuff out of the friends body. then he went back to florida and he asked his friend how do u feel and he said you know i felt like crap but i feel good for some reason now. the shaman blew cinnamon on him into the so called “trip” or journey the brew takes you on because of the chemicals dimethyltryptamine and the monoamine oxidase inhibitor thats in one of the two herbs used in the brew. they use a vine and they use this normal looking green leaved plant called psychotria viridis. and cinnamon itself has antioxidant and alzeimers and parkinson treatment qualitis. maybe all of these can be utitlized and herbal therapy can help Chi. many herbs out there in this world for our use. hope Chi recovers. miss his music playing and how he has family and friends and a band to return to. get well bud. peace – Phil

  23. Wonderful write up! Thanks for all the information. There is a chemist who wrote a book called Natural Cures, http://thepeopleschemist.com/ and I’m pretty sure he resides in Southern Cal. But I would imagine a email to him wouldn’t hurt. My wife and I body build as a hobby and enjoy his feedback on major health subjects. Chi, I realize has many specific needs and concerns so having you email him his specifics might be a good way to get someone who understand the body, drugs & supplements would be good move forward in Chi’s recovery. support@thepeopleschemist.com


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