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Hey all,

Today I woke up to people frantically asking me for more info on Chi being “AWAKE” and everyone was so happy etc. Then I realize not only had I managed to somehow miss the miraculous news but my website was also down. I could not understand what the heck was going on. Surely if Chi was awake Momma J would have called me by now!

For those of you who regularly follow the website.. you are well aware that on Feb 1st I posted a short video clip of some of Chi’s recent progress when he lifted his leg on request a couple times. I said “it’s little baby steps like this that bring chi closer to recovery.” I don’t understand how someone could take this so far out of context to make it into headlines reading  “Chi Cheng is Awake After 4 Years in Coma”!? (example headline of what I have seen today)

Please don’t think that we aren’t completely thrilled with Chi lifting his leg on request.. but like I said it is a baby step. Although this is progress he is still considered to be in a “minimally conscious” state. He doesn’t complete tasks like this on request every time.

So.. let me take the time to clarify things for those of you that are not aware of his current status. Chi is still not speaking.. isn’t able to comunicate. He does make noises at times. It does sometimes seem like he is trying very hard to communicate. He has every once in a while had great moments like the “leg lift video” where he moves on request. He does make eye contact and turn his head towards you. It does show on his EEG scans that there has been “progress within” when they compare initial scans to recent scans. These are all great things and definite signs of progress/improvement. Now for a dose of reality… although Chi has had great occurrences of progress.. there is also lots of time far and in between where nothing at all happens and he is non-responsive. But when you are around him.. even when he is non-responsive.. when you look into his eyes… it’s like he is speaking in another way. It’s very hard to explain. He is “there” and that is apparent.. but he is in no way out of the woods yet. Still LOTS of work ahead.

I really feel the recent rumors/headlines of  ”Chi Cheng Awakes From 4 Year Coma” could not be more inaccurate (unfortunately!). First of all I blame this on Hollywood. Comas are in no way black and white.. and Chi is still in a very grey area. Everyone seems to think that people emerge from comas in the same way they do in the movies.. full make up… great hair and back to life as it was pre-coma. In reality it just doesn’t work that way. It is a very long road to recovery. That isn’t to say some people haven’t made miraculously quick recoveries… more often it takes several years to recover.. and sadly some never recover. That is the harsh reality of it. Are we giving up? Hell no! Never will. Chi is still fighting and so are we! We continue to have faith in him and his ability to recover and his tenacious strength.

But please guys.. let’s be accurate in our reporting when it comes to Chi. He has a son and family out there and when misinformation like this gets back to them only to be let down that it is not true.. it just plain SUCKS!

From now on I would appreciate if you would please not use headlines like the ones referenced above.. unless you see it here first.

As always your continued love and support for Chi is very much appreciated! :)

One Love For Chi,


  1. Talltrip22 |

    im the one who created the page on reddit that made the front page. I made it before fully understanding what was going on. The video was sent to me by a friend saying that he woke up and is moving, i was just so happy, and thought i would let people know.

    I watched the documentary after i had posted it, i felt bad that i had misled people to thinking that he was fully awake. I hope the traffic and donations that came in make up for any wrong i have done to Chi and his family and friends, I truely am sorry

  2. One Love Crew,

    Monday night I edited a photo of Chi and posted it all over Facebook pages (band pages {foo fighters-muse-SOAD-Tool etc}, record labels,gear etc…), in hopes of gaining support for Chi. I posted the link to over 100 pages. I did NOT give out any false information concerning his condition, but simply put,

    “Please take the a minute to visit and donate any amount. Even a dollar. Thank you . 1 ♥”.

    I hope that I helped and didn’t upset anyone. If you search on Facebook “parker fritz artwork” you can see the post for yourself. I also plan on painting the profile picture of Chi, and auctioning it off in support of Chi. I have followed this from the time it happened. I have felt your struggles and hardships. I wish there were more people in the world like you.

    I know Chi can hear everything that’s going on and understands it. He just can’t get his body to communicate with his brain. I choke up every time I think about it. He must feel like a prisoner sometimes. Can you push his bed outside on a nice warm spring day? Let him feel the Sun. The breeze. The freedom again.

    Let him know, I care for him so.

    Parker Fritz

  3. I completly agree people took it way out of line, but when I read abt it, I didnt take it has “he woke up from a coma” but that he is recovering, slowly, but he is getting there. I have faith that it will only get better from here. thank you for the update and I hope the store is open, I wanna purchase sum chi gear :)

  4. Thanks for the update! Bummed it wasn’t true but still keeping hope. Cheers.

  5. God bless you for all your efforts and love you have to give…God bless Chi and family…you are in my prayers…i am in for the long haul if necessary!with prayers and love..janettexxx

  6. Dalton Collins |

    Hello! I have always been a big fan of the Deftones and I looked up to Chi, Being a musician myself. hearing the Deftones reminds me of hanging out with friends, going to the mall and seeing the Deftones live with my buddys. When I heard what happened to Chi, I think I almost cried. Like when Dime bag from Pantera was shot. :/ My heart goes out to Chi and his family. I am praying for his recovery! I try to check up on any updates from time to time On chi, Hoping for a glimpse of my idol and Im happy he is making Progress with lifting his legs and whatnot.

    Keep doing what you guys are doing and thank you for keeping us posted.

    Dalton Collins
    Kansas City, Mo.

  7. When I was in my car accident that put me in a comma for 3 months I remember coming to but not being able to open my eyes and all I would hear is the Deftones song I was listening to during the incident. It’s so very inspiring to follow Chi’s story and see all the baby steps he has made and that you and the family have such high hopes for a recovery. I wish there was more the world could do for such an amazing artist whos music has helped me through the best and worst of times. We all know he still has a long road a head of him, but he is so lucky to have such a following and family who will be there for him when he wakes up.

    One Love For Chi!<3

  8. I’m so glad to hear about this. I’m not familiar with the work of the Deftones (except hearing about them on a recent VH1 Classic documentary), but this is great news. Good luck, Chi!

  9. Thought and prayers to Chi, you & your family. Let’s keep up the progress :) 1 <3 4 Chi

  10. Dear Gina:

    From Chile i thinking a lot of time for Chi recover… Your letter let us a really clearly information! Thank´s for that, here in Chile the newspaper says Chi is recovery from the coma, so, this is more clearly for all of us.

    A hug huge whit love from the Patagonian! I love Deftones, they music is part of my life everyday, in lot of places, I listen the Chi bass and the other guys instruments, the last year I go to my first Deftones concert in Chile, I cry with a couple of songs… And all the people remember Chi with a lot of love!

    Say to him we really love is job (music) and for the family and friends, a huge hug and stamina for this long trip…!


    Puerto Montt, Chile.

  11. Alexander |

    i think this happend because of a report in the german music magazine visions, too.
    But they did not write that chi is awake they said after 4 years its looking like chi´s getting better. Maybe it was just a missunderstanding of…awake…and awaking

  12. It’s good to hear he is making progress. My thoughts go out to Chi’s family. Almost a year ago my mom was in coma from a pulmonary embolism and while she woke up two weeks after the incident, she is still recovering. Currently she is staying with me, moving back to her own place by the end of this month. “only” two weeks of coma and it took a few days after being fully conscious again for her to speak somewhat audibly, and even today she is often confused and forgets things. It is a long process but the baby steps are progress, no matter how little. Tell Chi not to be frustrated in his fight, and to be patient. He will get there. It just takes time. Just like it is still taking time for my mom. One love for those we care about.

  13. Hey Gina, the news did spread rapidly but the people that I saw had the only the best intentions on Chis recovery. Note one day and it will come, the news will be good and the party LARGE! Hope you and your new baby are doing good. Im here in the So CAl if you need anything! Much love and peace.. ONELOVEFORCHI! Kim

  14. Nick Borrego |

    Thanks, Gina.

    I’m glad I have a better understanding of how coma recovery works. I was one of those shouting from the rooftops (facebook style) about him waking up, but I can definitely see and understand the point you’re making here. I’m going to post a link to this explanation, but with optimism and gratitude for the progress he’s made.

    The longer I go through life, the more I believe that awareness of consciousness is key. It sounds like Chi’s consciousness is there, currently hindered by physical impairments in his body. It’s going to be great to hear of his continued progress, and I send many great vibes/prayer in the way of this beloved musician.

    Take care, Chi! We’ll hear from you soon!

    Nick Borrego


    gracias por la informacion¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  16. Strength!

  17. Andrew Marucci |

    I hear that Gina. I assume you probably get tons of letters hope you get this one. My name is Andrew I’m 23. I lost my mother to pancreotic cancer at 16 and my dad to lung cancer at 19. I know a thing or two about strength to fight on. My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone else, and may Chi find his path out of the woods (in due time) take your time Chi don’t rush yourself. Peace and love Gina. Bye now.

  18. Aunt Mary |

    Gina, I cannot seem to view comments. I click the ’20 comments’ link under the article name, the screen refreshes looking the same, with no comments.

  19. Look up Qui Gong meditation and see if we could all collectively do a meditation at a certain time for Chi.
    This came to me when I was seeing a post from a teacher I met a few years ago.
    I was getting his information the same time I saw the news about Chi.
    Its worth a shot and we all do have the ability to heal each other.

  20. Alejandro |


    desde Chile, totalmente contentos con la fuerza y la recuperación de Chi. vamos amigo!!!

  21. LOVE YOU CHI !

  22. I Hope they play him some classical music at times! (it’s known to be regenerative)

  23. Thanks Gina, it would have been excellent news to hear Chi just up and woke up all the sudden. But baby steps are good, it take them in my everyday life. I hope his family isn’t in too much distress from the confusion of mixed reports. I will trust only the info I see here, because I do know you have so much close interaction with him and family. With that being said, we love you Chi and we love the family and friends of Chi and wish them some peace and keep praying hard for our boy to come back to us. xoxo one <3

  24. Stephanie Martin |

    OMG Gina, I’m sure you don’t remember me or Mama either. I wrote to you quite often in regard to Chi, I was on my way back to Pennsylvania when the accident occured and I have a daughter that had a TBI 9 yrs ago last week on the 9th. She just shared something on facebook from a musical web page and then I found the link to you!!!! I sent the Padre Pio medal to you to forward to his Mom, this is before you moved. This was before the hyperbaric treatments as well. Had such high hopes for that….Anyway, New Years Eve, 2010, I fell down a flight of stairs and my head met one of the old fashioned radiators. I can still feel the hole in my skull where they drilled my head, brain was bleeding in 4 different spots. I awoke Valentines Day in Philadelphia at the Magee Rehab Center. I was only there from Jan 21 til the 28th of Feb. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you DON’T GIVE UP!!!! I was mad because I wasn’t sure who would be taking care of Sammie, and on Valentines Day, I spoke with my Mom & my husband, both of whom had already passed, and they told me I had to go back to take care of Sammie. It was at that point that I woke up in a panic. My kids were an hour and a half a way from me…plus I was in the head injury unit, almost none of the patients spoke there, and once I woke up I didn’t stop talking which is probably why they released me 5 weeks ahead of time. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not better completely, and I suffer from double vision. Have to wear an eye patch, I can’t bend my head back very far as I get dizzy, I sit in the shower, my memory sux, I can usually only remember the horrible things in my life, I learned w/Sammie you store your good and bad memories in different spots in your brain, mine has not healed up to the old good memories yet. Gotta tell you, music made a huge difference! I couldn’t tell you who the artist was, but I knew the music. I have COPD, breathing is very hard for me, & I tried to rip the ventilator/trach thingy out several times so I have a big scar there. the scar from the feeding tube, thought I would never eat scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes ever again. Just please tell the family to not give up, to not allow him to be in silence, and when he is sleeping his brain is healing. I wish I had money to send, but I will keep you all in my prayers everyday, and someone pls keep talking with him….it’s not over. I lost my husband the day after thanksgiving in 2008, coma, Sammie told me he was already gone….Please send my love to him…hope the Padre Pio medal is close by to him. And a special thanks to you Gina for all you have done for Chi, his family and his fans! HUGS! Stephanie

    • amazing story. thanks for sharing. i hope you continue to recover.

      thanks for the encouraging words… and for your love and support for chi.

      one love for chi,

  25. Hi, Gina, I want to let u know that your words are like the stars, brilliant and filled with brightness and hope; I´m a very fan of Deftnoes and I´ve been following this site since the accident; and it´s sad when people with lack f informations post things like that u mention; I was sure that this will take some more time to see Chi´s recovery but u are amazing, like those stars I was talking about; in some point I wanted to cry when u said that we will not giving up supporting him; keep doing that; this site is the only source of truly information about Chi, and have an awesome day; greetings.

  26. Jan Jahnich |

    Hey Gina, hope you´re doin fine?!
    I just read the news about Chi´s progress. During reading the article I got an idea and I wonder why I didn´t came up earlier with it…Isn´t Chi buddhist?
    Has anyone tried to make mantras for him? I mean sitting next to him, next to his bed…I don´t know what his meditationpractise was, but maybe it is helpfull to recitate stuff that his mind was used to! I´m a buddhist too and I really think that his mind must be there, it is there, he is there! I know that is nothing special, you believe the same, otherwise it wouldn´t make sense to wait for him to wake up, right?
    But maybe it would be usefull to contact a friend (member of Chi´s sangha???) to remind Chi of his meditation!!!
    Maybe I´m not the first one who got this idea and maybe it´s a little late (after four years), but I´m serious!
    The reason why I write these lines is that I LOVE the Deftones!!! They´re one of the few bands that make me stay alive. The albums that Chi played on,were the soundtrack of my youth! I really love ´em!
    Sorry for my bad english.
    Best wishes, Jan

  27. Amy Eichler |

    My husband is a huge fan and keeps telling me stories how he got to see his band the deftones. He would like to send a card or letter. Could u please email me an address.
    Thanks in advance and god bless
    Amy eichler

  28. Marissa H |

    I hope you guys got my donation, it’s not showing up on your donation tracker but it left my bank account! Eeek :/

  29. Hi family and friends!

    I have been a deftones fan since adrenaline…. and in my ignorance did not know about Chi’s accident several years ago. I only found out through his uncle a week or so ago, after I commented to him about a deftones link being on his website. I decided to check this out today, and saw this fantastic news. I’m thrilled to hear this and hope, and wish for the best for Chi Cheng, and all of his family, friends, and fanbase. Love to all!


  30. thank you so much for standing by chi… all my love goes to you and chi and family and the band… on the outside he may be ‘minimally conscious’, but in our hearts hes smiling with hope and admiration… thank you… all my love…

  31. Hello Gina. My name is Stu Campbell, I currently live in Charleston, SC. I am a big fan and have met Chi numerous times. I used to live in Jersey and ran into him most times they played Philly. I’m writing because I read your post about him waking and almost bawled my eyes out. Your entry was like looking into a mirror, as a month ago my brother Ian had a seizure in his sleep, vomited and couldn’t breathe. By the time i found him he had aspirated and was close to death from lack of oxygen. He was in a coma for a month before he passed away, leaving my 5 year old neice without a father. He did wake up at one point, and just like Chi I felt he was trying to communicate although I never knew how much brain function he had. He followed me with his eyes, squeezed my hand and tried to talk, although he was hooked to a respirator, which prevented him from really talking and made impossible to hear him or read his lips. Reading about youexperienced moved me and Im praying for Chi to recover. Like you said, i expected my brother to wake up like in the movies and unfortunately, as you know doesn’t work like that. Similarly, my brother made progress in baby steps and we were hopeful until his body began to shut down. It went from us believing he would recover to knowing he was going to die. This whole thing has destroyed me and as morbid as it sounds I was comforted by your article. Just to read your words about the complexity of recovering from a coma helped me realize that other people are going through what I did. Unfortunately, my brother Ian didn’t make it, although he fought hard for a month. I wanted to drop a line and thank you for letting the public know about the misconceptions about recovering from this. People mean well but it is, as you know, very distressing to try and explain this stuff to people whose knowledge of brain trauma and comas comes from tv. I really just wanted to let you know that even though Chi would probably not recognize me and I don’t know you at all you are not in this alone. You have friends in SC. My wife and I are praying for you, which I know isn’t too comforting. When times are hard I’ve noticed people use cliches to offer support like, “I’ll pray for you” and “Call me if you need anything.” Because I just went through this I know there’s nothing I can say to make your pain any easier. I’m trying not to use any cliches I don’t want to seem disengenuine, but I would like you know that although you don’t know me if there is anything you need above prayers you can e mail me anytime. Chi was such a nice guy every time I hung out with him and the deftones that I’d like to help him any way I can, and I also wish there was more info available so people would know what my family and yours have to go through. Thank you so much for your website and posts for keeping us informed on Chis progress, and for clarifying any misinformation being reported. My brother Ian was also a musician and began playing bass (like chi) when he was 10. He also played guitar, drums, piano, and many other instruments- he was a prodigy and a musical genius. He played all kinds of music anywhere and any time he could for 18 years when he passed away at the age of 28. He was a Deftones fan and news of Chi’s accident affected him deeply. He never thought he’d be in a similar situation, let alone never recover. He was a good kid who loved music, and 10 years ago he founded Twostepsback, a hardcore punk band who you may or may not have heard of, as the band has a lot of friends in bands and street teamers in Cali. He wrote all the music and was the heart and soul of the underground hardcore act. I joined the 6 years ago on vocals and we’ve been playing and writing ever since. We have even played different Deftones covers here and there. I believe we are going to do a memorial album and a few shows in memory of Ian, althtough writing new material in the future will be hard as my band was always based around my brother’s writing style and energy, which cannot be replaced. What I’m thinking is to send you guys the majority of the proceeds from the shows in Ian’s name to contribute to the fund you have set up for Chi, my brother would be proud to know our music could help ease a little of the financial burden one of our heroes and inspirations and you guys are trying to take care of. This would be only with your permission
    of course, as we would not want to offend you. Just to reiterate, my brother Ian Campbell, drummer, founder and main songwriter of twostepsback, passed away on Valentines Day after fighting hard for a month in a minimally conscious state not unlike how you described Chi in your most recent post. I was moved to tears reading your words, as it was almost exactly like reading what my wife and I were going through and trying to explain to people for month. Being that we are Deftones fans and knowing how expensive medical care is, especially for musicians who don’t have medical insurance and dedicate our lives to entertaining and don’t think about getting sick or injured, I’d like to make the memorial shows we are planning to remember Ian be impromptu benefit shows to help with Chi’s expenses. Please e mail me and we can discuss it further, via email or you could call me. My prayers will be with you guys and once again thank you for your post, it really hit me in my.grieving heart. Sincerely, Stuart R. Campbell (vocals twostepsback) In memory of Ian G. Campbell 1983-2012 Get well Chi!

  32. I am sorry somehowy phone sent my message incomplete like 90 times. Only the last post is complete. I apologize for somehow sending it a bunch of times. I should have used a computer instead of a smartphone. Thanks again Gina, Stu Campbell

  33. that makes me happy to hear that chi is doing good. lets keep him in our prayers and hopefully one day to see him back out on stage wit the rest of his brothers. god please help chi come back to us

  34. i think it sux that PayPal charges you guys so much money.
    i wish i owned it i wouldn’t charge you any thing.
    Get well CHI we love you.

  35. Hello, I am writing from Russia, with all my heart wants to express his pain … but the important thing is not to give up. When the Deftones were in Moscow at the Gorbushka I was there and after the concert, I shook hands with Chi)) …. Now think of it, and tears on the cheeks …… It’s a pity …. but most importantly never give up, keep it and all of us to God.
    And another question, how to transfer money to?? It would like to help …

  36. I just saw a post on YouTube that said Chi was awake so I came here knowing I’d get the straight dope. I’m happy he is making progress, stay strong.

  37. I believe in you Chi

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